7 Natural Remedies for Treating Stomach Pain


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Abdominal pain is so common that everyone experiences it at one time. There are dozens of reasons why you might experience abdominal pain. Your stomach ache is not a serious problem, and the causes and symptoms will recover quickly if you know how to manage it effectively.

But, did you know that you can relieve your stomach ache naturally? Natural solutions can be found in your kitchen. Here are some natural solutions that you can try at home every time you experience a stomach ache.


Since long ago, ginger has been used to treat various conditions from nausea to joint pain, and also both conditions together. Recently, several studies have shown that ginger can also be a very effective and natural treatment for stomach ache.

There are natural chemicals found in ginger that help relax the smooth muscles that form the lining of the stomach and intestinal wall. Therefore, ginger can help relieve stomach cramps and colic stomach pain. Ginger can also naturally relieve inflammation. Try cutting some ginger and adding it to your hot tea. If you can handle strong flavors, you can also chew ginger directly in your mouth.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits, ginger is available in various forms of drugs that can help digestion and reduce stomach pain. Some people prefer to chew ginger and supplements, while others prefer ginger in the form of drinks or add it to tea.


Peppermint contains menthol. This magical chemical not only keeps your breath fresh, but also acts as a natural analgesic that makes peppermint an effective treatment for nausea and stomach ache.

Like ginger, fresh mint can be used in various forms. You can add peppermint to a cup of hot tea, add it to your food recipe, or chew the mint directly. Mint also helps digestion and can stimulate appetite. This material is one solution that is also good for menstrual pain.

Warm lemon juice

This drink can be very refreshing on a hot day when served cold. But did you know that warm lemon juice can and is useful for your stomach ache? You might be wondering how lemon juice can help, because it is very acidic.

Lemon actually helps if you have difficulty digesting food. However, you should avoid lemons if you have heartburn. If you have trouble digesting food, you will feel uncomfortable because food cannot be fully digested by your body. Lemon juice stimulates the production of acid to help break down food and help your food move further.

Lemon juice is one of the easiest to make. Simply squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water with a little sugar, and you've made the best drink for your stomach ache. Don't use too much lemon or sugar, which can cause other effects for your pain. You can also replace sugar with honey. This juice can also eliminate thirst, which is an added bonus!

Rice water

You might wonder if this is the water left after you cook rice? You are right. This water can relieve your stomach ache by forming a layer that protects your stomach to reduce inflammation. You need to cook rice with twice the amount of water. Usually for ½ cup of white rice you will need 2 cups of water. Cook your rice normally, then leave it for a few moments closed. Pour excess liquid into a cup, add a little honey, and drink

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural medicine that has long been used for abdominal pain. You might be wondering how it works because it doesn't seem to make sense because apple cider vinegar is very sour. There has been no medical research on the benefits of apple cider vinegar so that not many people know about it.

One theory explains that apple cider vinegar is a weak version of the acid found in your stomach, which can balance acid production in the stomach. This vinegar can also help break down fat which usually causes digestive disorders. The content in vinegar can help cleanse the dirt in your intestine, wash bad bacteria down, and remove it from your system while keeping good healthy bacteria.

Some people choose to drink a spoonful of apple vinegar every day as a precaution. If you feel the vinegar is too strong, mix a few tablespoons of vinegar with water and one teaspoon of honey, and drink slowly.


You can also try eating plain yogurt. Yogurt is a good way to give your immune system a small boost with quality probiotics. Yogurt has natural bacteria that can help relieve digestive discomfort. The best way to eat it is by eating plain yogurt without added sugar. You can add a little honey to add flavor.

BRAT diet (Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) aka banana, rice, apple sauce, and toast

The combination of these foods is a perfect diet for those who have stomach discomfort due to nausea or diarrhea. All foods on the BRAT diet have low fiber and no salt or spices that can worsen your stomach condition. This diet can be done when you feel sick but you still have to eat other nutrients that are important to the body. Toasted bread can help absorb poisons in your stomach, while also eliminating abdominal pain.


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7 Natural Remedies for Treating Stomach Pain
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