5 Required Steps in Caring for a Bald Head


Medical Video: 3 Natural Ways To Keep Your BALD HEAD Moisturized and Healthy

Having a bald head is tantamount to having regular hair, both short and long. Both need treatment. This was conveyed by John T. Capps, founder of Bald Headed Men of America.

John told Huffingtonpost so that the owner of a bald head must treat his scalp better, because there is no hair that grows to protect the head from anything. Head rashes, burns, and zits are all side problems faced by men after baldness.

To minimize this risk, John recommends that you use quality soap and shampoo for better protection for your head.

To treat your bald head, there are several ways you can do it.

1. Keep using shampoo

Just like John, David Alexander, a male hair care expert said in his writing on menshair.about.com that bald people also need to use shampoo. Why?

"Shampoo, even for a bald head, can remove dirt and oil on the scalp and make it healthier. Massaging the head while shampooing will increase circulation and blood flow to the scalp, so using shamoo for the head is still important. In addition, shampooing before shaving small hairs will make shaving easier, "said one of the famous barber in Hollywood.

Ruth Brush, salon manager for Great Clips, Kansas, United States as reported stbaldricks.com, also recommends continuing to use shampoo to treat your scalp.

"Your scalp is different from the other skin on your body and it needs special handling. Use a men's shampoo to treat it, keep it clean, and also moist, "suggested Ruth.

2. Shave after each shower

Doris Day, M.D., a dermatologist from Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, United States, told WebMD that the best time to shave your bald head is right after a shower, because the scalp will be smoother and softer.

"Shave in front of the glass, especially if you are a beginner. Start in areas that you can see and are easy to shave, such as on the front or side. Your scalp will have arches and bumps that may not make you comfortable when shaving, and in some parts that you can't see, "suggested Doris.

3. Keep your scalp moist

To stay healthy, your scalp must remain moist. You can moisturize your scalp after shaving. Moisture can make your head avoid the risk of irritation that you can get every shave.

To deal with exposure to sunlight that can make your scalp dry, David recommends applying a moisturizer every morning.

"Using moisturizers is one of the steps most often forgotten by men after shaving. "It's an important step to keep your scalp looking fresh and healthy," he said.

4. Keep your scalp hydrated

In addition to keeping the scalp moist, you also have to keep making it well hydrated. Melanie T. from the Best Cuts salon, Eastlake, Ohio, United States recommends using certain oils, such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, ortea-tree oil.

"Use a lotion or oil to keep your scalp hydrated, especially if you live in a cold area, when all your skin becomes dry," he advised.

5. Wear a hat or use a sunscreen when traveling

When you are traveling or outside the home, do not forget to protect your scalp from the sun. You can use sunscreen as wellsunblock withSPF 30 every day or you can also wear a hat.


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5 Required Steps in Caring for a Bald Head
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