At Age How Many Children Can Use a Hair Vise Tool?


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Hair clips are useful for straightening, tidying, and managing your hairstyle. Nowadays, veins are commonly used for women, almost in all ages, children, adolescents and adults. Although they know the side effects of using a vise, but there are still many who still choose to use it. However, is there an age limit for using hair vise? When should children use hair vise?

When can children use hair vise?

Curly child's hair, is it permissible to straighten it using a hair vise? Maybe you have thought like this. Actually there is no medical evidence at what age the child is allowed to use a drill. However, you should avoid using other hair curlers or heaters for children.

The use of curves in children will still cause side effects, which will continue until later adulthood.

If indeed you are forced to use a drill for your child, or just want to try, pay attention to the care to protect your child's hair. In addition, you also do not need to use hairdressing for children every day on a regular basis. This can damage a child's hair.

To keep protecting the child's hair, before the child uses the haircut, apply conditioner and heat protector (heat shield, usually in the form of a cream or hair gel) on a child's hair after shampooing. Conditioner is used to make hair feel softer and also avoid rough and dull conditions.

Whereas use heat protector which is used before hair clipping, is useful for narrowing the layer of silicone into your hair. The silicone acts as a barrier and protects the hair from heat effects. Good again, heat protector can help keep the child's hair smooth and straight after being painted.

In addition to using the hair protectors, also set the lowest temperature as possible. Don't get too hot. This is useful to avoid severe damage to the layer of hair of children who are still sensitive. Set the temperature as low as possible and leave it for a while until the maximum heat, then you can clamp your child's hair while minimizing damage due to excessive heat.

Danger of using hair vise

Vise hair does have benefits to beautify hair. However, behind the benefits there are several dangers that will be caused to the hair.

One of the most common dangers of hair vise is that all strands of hair become dry. Catokan will make the hair shaft more broken and broken.

Vise of hair can damage the hair shaft and even cause hair loss. It even causes severe hair loss and can cause baldness. In addition, the use of chemicals before clipping with low quality will damage the hair to the roots. In the long run, the hair follicles become weak and your hair will fall off continuously.

In some cases, the dangers of hair vise may appear after several days of using it. If the child experiences itching, scalp blisters or hair loss, it is one of the common allergic reactions that occur due to the dangers of hair vise. Immediately consult a doctor to get more appropriate treatment.

Other than that, children should not use the guidelines outside the parental supervision or an adult. Even though they have teenagers, parents and adults are the ones who can pluck up their hair. The vise is very hot and dangerous, children are very susceptible to injury due to burns or electric shock (shock).

At Age How Many Children Can Use a Hair Vise Tool?
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