Frowning often makes old face fast, it turns out it's not just a myth!


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Increasing age, naturally if the face will bring up signs of aging such as wrinkles. However, without you realizing facial expressions such as frowning can create folds and wrinkles on the face, especially on the forehead and sides of the mouth. As a result, your face looks older and tired. Is it really a sullen expression that makes an old face fast? Consider the following review.

Causes of aging on the face

Aging on the face normally will occur with age. This occurs because of the weakening process of collagen and elastin fibers on the skin. However, there are some things that can cause aging to occur faster, namely exposure to sunlight, smoking, not consuming enough water, not eating foods that nourish the skin, and contractions of your facial expressions. Compared to other body parts, the face is more likely to show symptoms of aging.

A sullen expression has the potential to make an old face fast

When you try to express certain emotions, the muscles in the face will contract. When you feel angry, surprised, happy, and sad, all the muscles contract in a variety of different ways to show what you feel. Muscles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead tend to work harder to express your emotions than other area muscles. Automatic, this part of the face will be more likely to show signs of aging first.

According to Live Science, it is not known how many muscles play a role when someone smiles or frowns. However, what distinguishes it is that smiles are more positive, which is to describe a happy mood while frowning instead.

A sullen expression made a muscle called the corugator supercili pull an eyebrow down and tighten. This muscle has a long and narrow fiber that crosses from the eyebrows to the temples. This serves to protect the eyes from glare. However, it can appear when we are frowning, similar to a sullen expression.

Reporting from Psychology Today, the study found that people who wrinkle their brows will produce more negative emotions, which increases feelings of being unhappy, unpleasant, and less interested. These negative emotions can worsen moods and create stress because of a problem in mind.

Jojoba oil to fight wrinkles

How do you reduce the frown lines that occur due to frowning?

There are many medical methods that can remove wrinkles on the forehead. However, the costs incurred are quite expensive. Therefore, other ways you can do easily and without spending money. Reporting from Live Strong, wrinkles that form on the forehead can be camouflaged with massage or facial gymnastics. The trick, pressing the fingertips on the wrinkles and massage the area vertically for 30 seconds. Then, re-massage the area horizontally (flat), from the top of the eyebrows towards the temples. Place the fingertips on the wrinkle line and massage circularly for 30 seconds. Be careful with long fingernails because they can hurt the skin.

Then, the massage is continued by placing the left palm on the left side of the forehead with the movement of pulling the skin and holding it to keep the skin tight. Along with placing your palm on the right side of your forehead, massage in a circular motion.

M.J. Safton, author of the book "The 15 a Day Natural Face Lift," recommends doing this massage every day for several weeks to get maximum results.

This massage is approved by Annelise Hagen, yoga instructor in New York City and author of The Yoga Face. He argues that this massage can smooth the lines that form in the area of ​​the eyebrows and forehead, lifting and tightening the muscles around the eyes. Do it for 10 seconds and repeat the movement up to five times.

Frowning often makes old face fast, it turns out it's not just a myth!
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