What should I know about caring for a 20-month-old child?


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Development & Behavior

How should my child develop in the 20th month?

At the age of 20 months, your child can start using one to two sentences. He will be very curious about the book. This is the right way to encourage reading. He can even have a favorite book that he wants you to read. He may be able to designate some pictures in the book This is a good sign of the development of communication and cognitive abilities.

You can also know the development of his motor skills by letting him hold his own book. This is a good achievement. He may also be able to turn the pages of his own book. This small positive sign is a good way to find out your baby is developing normally. He may also be able to throw and kick the ball.

How can I help my child develop in the 20th month?

The best way to support your child is to buy books to read during your free time. You can make a reading time schedule before going to bed. This is the right way to calm your child before going to bed. You can also combine reading time with playing time, before napping, or even during defecation.

You can choose several types of books such as poetry books or books that call pictures. You can also take your child to the bookstore and see what type of book he approaches. Involve your child in choosing books. This will add to the pleasure.

Your baby starts to be more independent. He might start shouting "I'm the one doing it" or "Myself!" You can support your child by giving him light homework like putting a dirty spoon in the sink or cleaning up the spill itself. This will empower him and make him feel important. Always give praise for everything he does, perfect or not: "Wow, thank you for putting the dirty spoon!"

Health & Safety

What should I discuss with the doctor on the 20th month?

Subsequent control visits may not be this month. You only have to go to the doctor if you don't come to control at the age of 18 months or if there is an emergency need. If your child is active and healthy, you can wait until the next control at the age of 24 months.

What should I know on month 20?

Maintaining your child's teeth is important. Toothpaste containing fluoride is not recommended until a minimum age of 2 years. The reason is that children of this age do not know how to spit. It is very dangerous if he swallows too much fluoride. You can find toothpastes that do not contain fluoride. Many parents find it difficult to get their children to brush their teeth. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Let your child follow your style. Brush your teeth with your child so he can brush his teeth too. This can be your favorite activity together.
  • Do excessive spitting. Many toddlers like to do it when they are advanced. Show him how to gargle and then take it out - and let him practice as much as he wants.
  • Let him stand on the steps so he can reflect. Then count the teeth together when rubbing them.
  • Batteryed or musical toothbrushes can attract children who are reluctant to brush their teeth.
  • A small, soft toothbrush is the most comfortable brush.

This tip can help your child start brushing their own teeth.

My attention

What should I pay attention to in the 20th month?

You might worry about a child who doesn't listen to you. Maybe they understand the meaning of the word "no" but they may not always obey you. This is because they have not learned about self-control. What you can do now is make your home safe for children, meaning throw away damaged objects or wear soft protectors for sharp edges. This will reduce you saying "no". When you have to say "no" you can guide your child and advise him to play other safer games. Self-control requires time to develop.

Another concern is worry about the development of your child's vocabulary. Every child develops at a different speed. It's important to find instructions and know when to support your child's development. For example, if you see him pulling your hand to the toy he wants to play, you can say what's on his mind. In this way, other times he might use words to express what he wants.

Can't wait to see what he can do at 21 months!

What should I know about caring for a 20-month-old child?
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