What should I know about caring for a 22-month-old child?


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Development & Behavior

How should my child develop in the 22nd month?

Your child is currently 22 months old. He may want to push wheeled toys in the hallway or think a lot about what he wants. If you disturb his mind or prevent him from getting what he wants, he will immediately react. This age child is very emotional. He will show an expression of frustration as well as showing happiness when he gets what he wants. This is related to his efforts to be independent.

Distraction is the key. Because the attention period of a child of 22 months is around 10 minutes or less, diverting or interrupting can make him forget the idea of ​​stubbornness and move to something else that is less risky. Sometimes moving your child to another room, especially outside the house, will make it change 180 degrees. He may also stop whatever he is doing to take your attention.

How can I help my child develop on the 22nd month?

Praising his business, not just his achievements, can help him learn to overcome disappointment. For example, if he is having trouble doing something and looks frustrated, you can say, "I know it's hard to wear shoes, and you've tried it hard." Or, "You look upset. What can you help? "Mix challenging activities with activities that increase your confidence, such as stacking blocks or helping you water plants. Try not to be too hasty to help him if he is a little disappointed. Too much interference for your child can make him dependent and eliminate his confidence. Your challenge is to balance your intention in helping and protecting your child, with his need to do new tasks.

The way your child looks for your attention may not be effective. Stay with your child by limiting activities that concern yourself except when he is taking a nap or is playing. When you are busy, keep in contact with caressing his hair, looking into his eyes, and smiling at him. Saying "wait a minute" is less effective because your 22-month-old child doesn't understand how long "a little" is. And 1 minute feels like a long time. Do a quick check to make sure he doesn't need anything else but your attention, such as changing diapers.

If you want your child to try new food, still give a small portion so he doesn't feel confused. Try serving food that he doesn't like in different dishes. Never force your child to feel something or eat his food. After all, even adults have food that they don't like.

Health & Safety

What should I discuss with the doctor on month 22?

It's almost time for control at 24 months of age. You should tell your doctor if there is an emergency problem.

What should I know on month 22?

All you need to know is that your child may have allergies to animals. If you keep animals at home such as cats or dogs, you should be aware of the following symptoms and signs:

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy, runny eyes
  • Cold
  • Congestion

If your child has these symptoms, you should notify your doctor.

Your doctor may offer an allergy shot that targets specific allergens if your child continues to experience symptoms after you get rid of pets and use drugs.

My attention

What should I notice in month 22?

You might worry about your child's teeth. Some symptoms and signs related to teeth are fuss, diarrhea, and mild fever. If your child has dental problems, the following symptoms may be most often experienced:

  • Drooling (which can cause facial rashes)
  • Gum swelling and sensitivity
  • Fussy or nervous
  • Like to bite
  • Refuse food
  • Sleep disturbance

How will your child grow next month?

What should I know about caring for a 22-month-old child?
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