Facing Emotional Turmoil When Men Are Sentenced to Infertility


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There is often a misunderstanding in determining who is sentenced to infertility in a partner. Generally, women are often accused or declared as people who have problems in infertility. However, in fact this is not the case. Men can also experience infertility for certain reasons.

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, risk factors for infertility between men and women have the same portion. Both have the same infertile potential as much as 30%, and the remainder is caused by disease or other factors that cannot be explained why.

Some things that cause men to be infertile

More than 90% of cases of infertile men are caused by low sperm counts, poor sperm quality, and even a combination of both. When men are sentenced to barren, other things can also affect such conditions as problematic anatomical problems, unbalanced hormones, and congenital defects.

In addition to the above causes, there are several risk factors that can make a man be barren, including:

  • Having varicocele, which is a condition of varicose veins in the male testicles. This can cause swelling in the testicles.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases or other infections, which can cause damage to the male reproductive system or interfere with sperm function.
  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking and substance abuse.
  • Radiation exposure, heat, chemicals, drugs, or toxic substances in the long run.

What you can do when you are barred

When a man is sentenced to barren, it can certainly make him insecure, embarrassed, feel helpless, and cannot even accept reality. It is feared that men will instead turn to negative things such as switching to alcohol or drugs. For their partners, this male fertility problem must be accompanied and managed properly. Here are ways to deal with male problems that can also affect his emotions.

1. Ventto trusted people

Sentenced to barren will certainly make those who crave children sad. It's a good idea to talk about your feelings with the people closest to you. Reducing your feelings of sadness is not something that is healthy, let alone drag on. It is better to ask for help if your feelings hinder you in your daily activities.

Remember,ventor consulting a psychologist is not a sign that the man is weak or not male. Instead, expressing your feelings honestly is proof of your courage in dealing with a problem and finding a way out.

2. Arrange the next plan

Instead of lingering for a long time, you can determine the steps you can take next. For example, maybe you and your partner can do certain health care, such as IVF.

Since this fertility treatment costs a lot of money, it's a good idea to think carefully. Because the fertility treatment in the clinic can also make you and your partner stressful because of the cost or feeling impatient.

3. You can consider other options

Besides doing fertility treatments, you can also determine other alternatives. Examples are like adopting. This can reduce anxiety and despair if a natural pregnancy does not occur.

While trying physically and materially, you can search for groups, communities or share with people who have problems with you. Visit counseling services to help you survive and ease the burden of doing business as described above.

4. Manage and reduce stress

Exercise stress reduction techniques such as doing yoga, meditation, or massage therapy.Express yourself in other ways, such as traveling with your partner to treat feelings of sadness, deepening hobbies, or doing other things that can make you happy.

Facing Emotional Turmoil When Men Are Sentenced to Infertility
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