Sleep Recumbent With Lifting Both Feet Up After Sex Makes Pregnant Fast?


Medical Video: If I lay in a certain position for a certain time after sex, will it increase my chance to conceive?

Maybe you've heard whispers of neighbors who say that sleeping on your back by lifting both legs up after having sex can speed up pregnancy. Because the position of sleep is believed to be able to encourage sperm to swim faster to get to the egg. Before being tempted to try it, first consider the explanation from medical glasses about how to get pregnant quickly.

How can pregnancy occur?

Basically, pregnancy can occur when sperm cells successfully fertilize an egg in a woman's womb. Fertilization can only occur when the penis ejaculates in the vagina. The semen contains thousands to millions of sperm cells that will swim towards the egg. Although the number of sperm cells released during ejaculation is very large, only one of the healthiest and best cells is able to reach the egg.

After that, the zygote (fertilized egg) takes about seven to ten days to continue to move from the fallopian tube and finally stick to the uterine wall. After that, the actual pregnancy can begin.

Sleeping with your feet lifted after sex, how to get pregnant quickly is effective?

Those who agree argue that by lifting your legs while sleeping while placing a pillow under your hips during sleep, you help encourage sperm to swim faster toward the egg. Because the sperm takes time to get to the egg. This sleeping position is considered to help fight Earth's gravity so that semen does not come out again from the vagina after penetration.

There are no scientific studies that can prove the assumption that sleep lifts legs make women get pregnant quickly. Shot of semen or ejaculation when men orgasm is indeed very fast, up to 45 kilometers per hour and can be shot half to one meter in the air. Even so, how fast sperm can get to the egg is affected by the quality of the sperm cell itself and also endocrine hormones.

Even so, some health experts argue that there is nothing wrong with trying this unique, fast-pregnant method. Reporting from Very Well Family, researchers found that women who slept lying down with their feet lifted for 15 minutes after sex had a 27% higher chance of becoming pregnant after three cycles of ovulation.

The faster the sperm swims, the higher your chances of getting pregnant quickly

In order to pass through the cervical mucus and fertilize the egg, sperm cells must be able to swim forward at a minimum speed of 25 micrometers per second. Sperm cells that are less agile and agile account for 10 percent of the many causes of difficult men to have children.

There are many things that can cause slow sperm movement so that men are difficult to have children. Among these are infections in the testes, testicular cancer, no dropping testicles, until smoking habits and the use of marijuana or cocaine.

To determine whether your sperm quality is good, you can undergo a sperm analysis test to detect fertility problems or not.

No less important: know when a woman's fertile period

In order to get pregnant quickly, you must have sex at the right time so that sperm can meet the egg. The egg will be released when the woman enters her fertile period.

Normal egg release only occurs once a month and your fertility period only occurs for a few days. If you don't know when your fertile period is, you may find it more difficult to get pregnant even though you have frequent sex. You can find out more when the fertile period comes by using the fertile period calculator from Hello Sehat, or from the following link

In addition, prospective mothers must also ensure health and prepare nutrients needed for fetal growth and development later. For example, filling folate intake and eating foods that increase fertility.

Sleep Recumbent With Lifting Both Feet Up After Sex Makes Pregnant Fast?
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