5 Powerful Sports Movements to Improve Body Posture


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Body posture plays an important role for your health, not only limited to the problem of physical appearance. The most common problem that can be felt by people with poor posture is pain around the neck, shoulders, and back, cellulite, to digestive problems. So, from now on you need to improve your posture that is not ideal. Context the way below

How do you improve your posture?

In plain view, good posture can be seen from the way someone stands and sits. People with good posture will have a well-built, but not rigid stature, whether standing or sitting. See the middle image of the illustration below

Illustration of good and bad posture (source: thephysiocompany.com)

Reporting from WebMD, the best way to improve your posture is to exercise that focuses on the core muscles of the body, the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles that are connected to the spine and pelvic bones. Some core muscles move the body by stretching, extending, or rotating the spine. While other body muscles stabilize the pelvis and spine.

Yoga and pilates are examples of types of exercise that can help you improve your posture. In addition to these two, the following simple movements might be possible.

1. Bicycle maneuver

Before you start, imagine you are pedaling an imaginary bicycle in the air. Lie on your back, then bend your knees and make sure your entire back to your buttocks sticks to the floor. Place both hands behind your head.

Then, pull one leg to the chest and stretch the other leg straight forward so that the foot forms a 45 degree angle to the floor. Hold your stomach in and keep your body pressed against the floor. Then, change the movement with one other leg. Continue to paddle several times alternating legs. Try not to move your upper body off the floor.

2. Pilates roll-up

why sit ups do not effectively burn belly fat

Lie on your back with your knees bent, as shown above. Lift your arms close to your knees. Lift your head little by little to the knees, such as the "rolling" motion, until you sit with your stomach still held. Repeat the movement.

3. Crossover crunch

Lie on your back with knees bent close to your chest. Make sure the entire back of the body sticks to the floor, pull the stomach inward, and put both hands behind the head. Foot movements are like pedaling a bicycle (such as the movement of a bicycle maneuver above), while forward head and shoulder movements cross close to the bent knee. Foot movements and head lift alternately.

4. Cobra pose

Lay your body in a prone position. The palm of the hand next to the body close to your ribs. Then, lift your head and chest up, until you feel the abdominal and spinal muscles attracted. Keep your hip bones sticking to the floor. And, look up.

5. Plank

Plank movement for flat stomach

Lay your body in a prone position. Then, lift your body and bend your arms. Make sure to open your arms shoulder width apart. Position of tiptoe. Pull your abdominal muscles inward. Hold, and stare straight to the floor. Make sure your whole body is in a straight line. Do it until you start feeling tired. Take a break, and repeat again.

5 Powerful Sports Movements to Improve Body Posture
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