Beware, the Aroma of the Food You Kiss Can Make Your Weight Increase


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For those of you who are struggling to lose weight, surely you know how this sometimes becomes difficult to do. Because you have to be more diligent in sports, adhere to a healthy diet, or stay away from some things that you might like. Well, according to research it turns out there is one more challenge that you have to face while on a diet. The challenge comes from your nose or your own sense of smell. How can weight be affected by the sense of smell? Is it because you have to resist the temptation of the fragrant food aroma? Find out the answer here.

Is it true that the sense of smell can affect diet and weight?

A study in the United States found that the aroma of food can play an important role in the way your body processes calories. Research using mice was carried out by the University of California, Berkeley.

In this study it was found that mice that lost their sense of smell experienced weight loss. While mice that have the ability to smell food twice as great, have a greater weight. The researchers used gene therapy to eliminate the sense of smell in a group of mice that were obese.

The study also found that mice with small bodies and poor sense of smell turned out to be unable to eat high-calorie foods. Meanwhile, mice that were overweight because of excess calorie intake had a sense of smell that was said to be 'super' by researchers.

The aroma of food is very important in the digestive process

Then why is this important? The study, which was published in the Journal of Cell Metabolism, found that the aroma of food can cause the body to choose to save it rather than burn it.

Simply put, the sense of smell belonging to this sensory system plays a role in metabolism, or the body's process of digesting and processing food into energy. The weight you have is not just about how many calories you consume from food, but it also relates to how these calories are used.

This study, according to Céline Riera, from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, as reported by the Medical Daily shows that the aroma of food can change how the brain perceives and regulates energy balance.

The strong aroma of food can make you eat with more calorie intake. In addition, after you eat, calories tend to be stored by the body, not digested and burned into energy. This is what ultimately makes your body weight rise.

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Then, will the diet be more successful if you can't smell the food?

If the results of studies using mice are also successful in humans, then in the future eliminate the ability of the sense of smell in humans for six months and restore the sense of smell again after successfully undergoing weight loss can be a new alternative choice in addition to bariatric surgery.

Not only to lose weight, the researchers hope this research can be used for those who experience anorexia due to age or Parkinson's disease which causes a decrease in appetite.

Even so, don't worry too much about how to lose the right weight to get a slim body like a model. The best way to lose weight that many doctors recommend is to eat a balanced diet. For example by increasing eating vegetables, low-fat protein, fruits, and diligent exercise.

Beware, the Aroma of the Food You Kiss Can Make Your Weight Increase
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