Is it true that a nap can make a fat body?


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Many people believe that napping makes you fat. In fact, drowsiness often comes in during the day. This then makes you wrong, wants to sleep but is afraid of being fat. While if you do not sleep, you will have difficulty concentrating because you feel sleepy. Well, actually is napping making fat? Or perhaps this assumption is just a misunderstanding? Check out the answer below.

Know first what makes us sleepy during the day

Already full after lunch, suddenly attacked by great sleepiness? Or are you busy working, then feel your eyes getting heavier because you are sleepy? Even worse, watching television during the day, then unconsciously fell asleep.

If you have experienced one of the conditions above, you might wonder what causes sudden drowsiness during the day.

As explained by a nutritionist from Sydney, Australia, Robbie Clark, there are several things that trigger you to feel sleepy during the day, and the main reason is lunch. Because, after lunch, the body is working to break down food into energy, so without realizing it also triggers various responses in the body. One of them is sleepiness.

Moreover, shortly after eating there will be an increase in the amount of the hormone insulin. The heavier your lunch is, the more insulin is produced. Excessive absorption of insulin can result in the transfer of the amino acid tryptophan to the brain, which then triggers the production of serotonin and melatonin. Both are two chemicals that can cause a calming and drowsy effect.

Uniquely, it turns out that about 90 percent of serotonin is found in the intestine to help regulate bowel movements while digesting food. That's why you are easily sleepy after lunch.

so as not to get sleepy after staying up late

Then, is it true that napping makes you fat?

After knowing the cause of drowsiness during the day, then maybe you would think that napping makes you fat. Yes, not a few people think that sleepiness is caused by a glut after lunch. If after that you sleep, then it will automatically facilitate the buildup of fat which ultimately makes you fat.

The fact is not that simple. Quoted from the Scientific American page, sleep is not the cause of weight soaring. Someone who often naps and experiences weight gain, not solely due to his habits.

The most basic cause is because the energy coming from calories and energy that comes out through physical activity is not balanced. In other words, when you eat too much, but it is not balanced with commensurate activities, there are still a number of calories in the body.

If this happens for a long time, it will result in accumulating calories that cannot be released as energy because of activities that tend to be small. Well, the calories that are buried in vain, will eventually be stored as fat in the body.

In essence, the statement that napping makes fat is just a myth. Most importantly, adjust the portion of food that enters your daily activities. Do not get too excessive or even lack.

Effective napping tips so you don't make it fat

From now on, don't be afraid to take a nap anymore, because there are a myriad of good benefits if you take a nap. Here are some tips that can help you get an effective nap without fear of fat:

1. Don't miss breakfast


Breakfast saves a myriad of benefits for your body and mind. Not only applies in the morning, but up to a full day throughout your activities. In fact, breakfast in a sufficient portion can help reduce fatigue throughout the day, not to mention during the day.

In the end, it will prevent you from feeling exhausted during the day, which results in too long naps to reduce physical activity.

2. Many moves

home cleaning activities burn calories

Instead of spending too much time relaxing, watching television, or anything else that doesn't involve too much physical activity, it's better to start spending more time with cleaning, relaxing, light exercise, and other activities that make your body excrete. more energy.

The reason, activities that involve physical work will further optimize the use of oxygen and blood circulation in the body and brain. In short, it will minimize the risk of accumulating calories in the body after lunch.

3. Just take a nap

habit before going to bed

According to Sara C. Mednick, Ph.D., a researcher from the University of California Riverside, there are a myriad of healthful benefits from napping. With a note, you have enough naps, which is about 15 to 20 minutes. This estimated time is optimal enough to rearrange the system in the body, improve body performance, and restore lost energy.

Is it true that a nap can make a fat body?
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