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Is it true that eye spots are transmitted through gaze? Check the facts here!


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Conscious or not, you may have avoided when you bump into people who have eye drops. This is done because you are afraid of getting infected, even if it's just a gaze. So, is it true that the eyes are contagious? Check out the answer here.

Are the pustular eyes contagious?

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An eye nodule, which in medical terms is called a hordeolum, is a red bump like a pimple that appears on the outside of the eyelid. This can occur on the upper and lower eyelids, depending on the location of the infection.

This eye infection is caused by the entry of bacteria, dead skin cells, or dirt that clogs the oil glands in the eyelids. As a result, the eyelids become swollen, feel blocked, and often hurt.

But that must be remembered, this does not mean you have to stay away from sufferers of eye drops. The reason is, angular eyes do not spread directly from eye contact with sufferers.

Quoted from Medicine Net, these bacteria cannot move from one person to another easily, especially just passing gazes. This bacterium needs an intermediary to be able to move and infect other people's eyes.

But, eye drops can also be contagious, if ...

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The itching that is caused often makes the sufferer unable to rub his eyes. However, whatever it is, it's best to avoid rubbing your eyes so that the infection doesn't get worse.

Unwittingly, these bad habits also pave the way for bacteria to move into the hands. Even though it is rare, you can be at risk of contracting eye infections if you shake hands with sufferers who have just touched or rubbed their infected eyes. Moreover, you also touch the eyes afterwards.

That is the reason why you are advised to diligently wash your hands after shaking hands with other people. Yes, hands are one of the most common and the fastest transmission media of the disease.

Therefore, never touch your eyes with your hands directly, let alone rub them. If your eyes are itchy, you should use a cleaner or safer tissue or handkerchief.

No less important, from now on you no longer need to stay away from people with any type of eye infection for reasons of fear of contracting it, huh.

Is it true that eye spots are transmitted through gaze? Check the facts here!
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