Is it true that natural sounds trigger body and mind relaxation?


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The sounds of nature and the green environment have long been linked to relaxation and human well-being during the past hundreds of years. Examples such as the sound of waves, birdsong, and gusts of wind to trees are believed to be able to calm the human mind. But, how can the natural sound effect relax the body and mind?

Is it true that the sound of nature makes the body and mind relax?

A new study conducted by Brighton and Sussex Medical School, researched and researched 17 adults using magnetic resonance scanners or (fMRI). They were told to hear 5 different natural sounds and different man-made sounds for 5 minutes. The researchers also used brain scanners, heart-level monitors, and behavioral experimental tests to infer the physiological causes of these natural sound effects.

Each recording of natural sounds is different, participants are assigned to measure the focus of their thoughts and reactions. Their heartbeat is also seen to build up in the autonomic nervous system. It also does not escape to monitor the organ systems involved in this process, such as breathing, blood pressure, body temperature, metabolism, and digestion.

The sound of nature tends to produce a relaxed and calm effect on the body

When researchers studied the participants 'fMRI results, they saw that there was activity in the innate brain tissue mode, that is, the area involved in the participants' minds to calm themselves.

However, the brain activity produced varies depending on the natural background sound played in the test. In particular the results were found, if the natural sounds made by humans had an impact on the participants' minds, they were focused on nature. Whereas the natural nature of the impact has pushed the external attention of the participants to be more focused on themselves.

Attention is generated from natural sounds of nature, which includes things that are more specific and are associated with conditions that involve psychological stress. Examples include depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder participants. Then, when reacting to participants is also considered slower when they listen to artificial sounds compared to natural sounds.

In addition, a difference in the participants' heart rate was detected. They show the body's autonomic nervous system response when hearing the sounds of the original nature. And overall, natural sounds are associated with a decrease in the body's sympathetic response (feeling dissatisfied and rebellious) and an increase in the parasympathetic response that makes the body relax and function under normal conditions, referred to as rest-digest response.

Not everyone feels the same effect

However, these results are not the same for everyone. For some people who have a high sympathetic response during the study, the results of this test note the benefits of great relaxation from nature for that person. While people who start with a low sympathetic response, they really experience a slight increase in body relaxation when listening to natural and artificial sounds.

The sound of nature, the outdoors with a green atmosphere is indeed refreshing for the mind and body, Researchers also suggest, even walking for a few minutes in nature can provide benefits of calmness in the body. Even if you can't walk outdoors, listen to natural sound recordings to relax and calm your mind.

Is it true that natural sounds trigger body and mind relaxation?
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