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Sleepy Thinking Sad, Why Do I Tear Tears When Yawning?


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Have you ever been rebuked by someone who is worried why suddenly your eyes get wet like you just cried? In fact, I swear the last thing you did was evaporate because you were drowsy after eating satiety. Curious, why can some people shed tears when yawning?

Why do we yawn?

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The exact reason why you yawn is still a mystery. Some experts theorize that humans evaporate because they are tired or bored.

When you are tired or bored, the body's system deliberately slows down to save energy. Breathing also slows down so that the oxygen inhaled becomes less. So because of that, the subconscious "reminds" you to start yawning to get more oxygen so that all body functions can still function normally.

Unfortunately, this theory is not entirely true. When you have enough oxygen in your body, you can still yawn. Vice versa. High levels of carbon dioxide also do not cause someone to yawn more often.

Another theory explains that yawning is a stretch for the lungs and their tissues. The stretch can flex muscles and joints so that it increases the heart rate and facilitates blood flow throughout the body. So, you will be more 'alert' and literate.

Out of tears when yawning, it turns out because ...

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Tears don't only come out when you cry, but also when you yawn. Tears are eye lubricants produced by the lacrimal gland (tear glands). This eye lubricant not only contains water, but also oil and mucus which functions as eye protection from foreign substances, such as dust.

Now, every time you blink, the eyelid movements will trigger tears from the lacrimal gland to the surface of the eye and then flatten them to all directions. Then, why do we shed tears when yawning?

Dr. Cheryl G. Murphy, an eye health expert and writer on the Huffington Post page explains that when yawning, your mouth will open, your cheeks will rise up, and your eyes will narrow. The movement makes the muscles around the face tighten and contract.

The contraction of the muscles around the face puts pressure on the lacrimal gland below the eyelids (just below the brow bone). This pressure results in a small amount of tears stored in the lacrimal gland loosening and moistening the surface of the eye.

That's why a few seconds after yawning, your eyes will feel wet like crying.

Is it normal if the eyes do not come out of water when they evaporate?

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Not everyone will automatically cry when yawning. You also won't always shed tears every time you yawn.

You can yawn without tears and that's normal. This can happen if you have a large tear duct size.

When yawning for the first time, tears stored in the lacrimal gland pass through the tear ducts more easily to the eye surface. As a result, the lacrimal gland will temporarily dry out. When yawning a second time, it's natural that there are no tears coming out.

Apart from the size of the tear ducts, dry eye conditions can also cause you to yawn without tears. For example, when you are on a beach that tends to be windy, there is a problem with the lacrimal gland, or a blocked duct.

But if your eyes are really dry, you should immediately check with your doctor to find out the exact cause and the right treatment.

Sleepy Thinking Sad, Why Do I Tear Tears When Yawning?
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