There are yellow patches in underwear, what does this mean?


Medical Video: What's that on my underwear?

Yellow spots on underwear are closely related to bedwetting. However, is this what happens to adults? Not necessarily.Yellow patches on underwear can be caused by various things. Is it dangerous?

What does it mean if there are yellow spots in the underwear?

In most cases, yellow patches in the panties indicate residual genital fluid that is a symptom of infectious venereal diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. Both are characterized by the discharge of abnormal vaginal discharge or fluid, which is yellowish (can be greenish yellow) and foul-smelling. Healthy and normal vaginal discharge or semen should be clear white and odorless.

Especially in women, yellow spots on underwear can also be a sign of trichomoniasis and vaginal bacterial infection (bacterial vaginosis). Both of these conditions both cause thick vaginal discharge which is yellowish and has a pungent or fishy odor. Other symptoms are complaints of pain or heat when urinating.

In men, apart from gonorrhea and chlamydia, the discharge of greenish yellow semen can be a symptom of prostate infection.

If you suspect or experience any of the above conditions, you should immediately consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

What is the treatment?

Most cases of genital bacterial infections can be treated with prescription antibiotics.

If the yellow spots in your underwear are properly caused by a sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis, your partner also needs to undergo a venereal disease test because the infection may move from you to your partner, and vice versa. This condition is called the ping pong effect. In addition, several types of sexually transmitted diseases make you more vulnerable to HIV infection. So, it is important for you and your partner to get a venereal disease test regularly.

How to prevent?

The main way to prevent venereal disease is to always maintain vaginal hygiene and also clean the penis. Change underwear if you often sweat or move in damp conditions.

Avoid using clothes that are too tight and cannot absorb sweat. Tight clothing can make your female area moist, making it more susceptible to infection. We recommend using cotton underwear.

To prevent transmission of venereal disease through sex, make sure you always use a condom and as much as possible do not change sexual partners at one time. Venereal disease can spread between men and women, between women and between men. Used properly, condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Also clean the genitals before and after sex.

There are yellow patches in underwear, what does this mean?
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