Why Are Some People Easy To Wake Up When They Sleep?


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For some people, loud noises may interfere with sleep. But some others, it might be easy to wake up if you hear a low noise, such as when the room lights are lit or touched a little. Why does this happen?

Sleeping for a while and sleeping well can occur together

During sleep, you experience a cyclerapid eye movement(REM) andnon-rapid eye movement(NREM) alternately and repeatedly every 90 minutes. You spend about 75 percent of the night in NREM sleep, which consists of four stages of sleep.

The first stage or phase between wakefulness and sleep, which is considered to be a nap because it is easily awakened. Deeper sleep begins in the second stage, when your breathing and heart rate become regular and your body temperature drops.

The third and fourth stages are the deepest stages of sleep, where breathing slows down, the muscles relax, and tissue growth and repair occur.

After passing through the NREM cycle stage, then you will enter the REM cycle. This cycle occurs when your eyes move quickly from left to right and vice versa. It is in this cycle that you experience dreams, wave activity in the brain increases, heart rate and blood pressure grow closer to the situation when awakened.

In general, adults do experience more NREM stages which make them sleep a little and not so well. While during sleep children tend to experience more REM, so it is easy to fall asleep in sleep.

However, experts say the difference between a nap and a good night's sleep may be largely subjective. Someone who sleeps eight hours a night can not sleep more soundly than people who sleep six hours.

So, what causes a person to wake up easily?

Easy to wake up when you hear a soft voice is called a nap orlight sleep. This state of sleep only occurs in some people, because everyone gives a different reaction to sound and other stimuli during sleep.

Although not all people who are easily awakened are caused by the same causes, but some experts claim that this may be influenced by genetic factors, lifestyle, and sleep disorders. In addition, several studies show that differences in brain wave activity during sleep can also make a person sleep or sleep soundly.

Brain activity during sleep

The study, published in 2010, showed that people's responses to sleep noises were related to their level of brain activity (sleep spindle).

Researchers found that people who always sleep experience high brain activity, will be more likely to sleep loudly without waking up at all. But this still requires further research.

Have a sleep disorder

Some sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), can also play a role in taking a nap or light sleep by causing to wake up all night due to irregular breathing.

If you have certain sleep disorders, you should immediately consult a doctor so that your sleep schedule is not disturbed and messy.

Unhealthy lifestyle

However, in many cases, the factors under your own control affect the quality of sleep you get. There are many problems related to lifestyle, drugs, alcohol, and caffeine that can make sleep become only brief or easy to wake up.

Try to start healthy sleep habits by maintaining a regular sleep schedule, sleeping and waking up at the same time every day.

Also, limit the use of caffeine and alcohol, and sleep in a quiet, dark and cool room. Also make it a habit to turn off the television, cellphone 30 minutes before going to bed. This can help you sleep better and not be easily disturbed.

Why Are Some People Easy To Wake Up When They Sleep?
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