4 Brain Teaser Exercises To Not Be senile When Old Later



When talking about the book you just finished reading, suddenly you can't remember the title. Or maybe, enter a room, but you don't remember what you went there for.

Familiar with the scenario above?

Senile and forgetful indeed sucks, but generally not a priority to worry about. Our brain is able to produce new cells at any age. But, just as with muscle strength, strong memories depend on the health and vitality of your brain. Dementia and forgetfulness are mostly caused by poor diet and lack of brain training.

Sharpen your brain with a memory system. Memory systems involve the use of visualization and keywords, a mental technique that you use to make visual clues to remember.

The mental visualization you make acts as a symbol that represents the facts in your memory. The reason is that the eye can project information into an image, better than abstract information that you only read or hear.

Coupled with visualization, system memory techniques can sharpen memories of names, dates, random information, definitions, and even foreign languages.

Four brain teaser tricks to strengthen memory

1. Keywords

The keyword method is a very powerful technique for remembering foreign definitions and vocabulary. Associate the sound of pronunciation of a word with funny or weird visualization.

For example, to remember the word "wiener" (sausage in German), connect with the word "winner" (winner in English) and imagine the mental visualization of a beef sausage that stands on the podium after winning a car race.

When something strange, unique, or extraordinary happens, you will tend to remember it faster. That is the reason why imagining something funny, even almost impossible, is the key to the success of this method.

2. Peg

You certainly will not forget how to count 123 or recite the alphabet from A-Z. The problem is linking information that you want to remember with an abstract number or letter (which is difficult to visualize). Peg system is the solution.

Peg system is a benchmark technique for you to remember what you should remember, by making the abstract numbers or letters become real.

For example, with the rhyme technique:

1 = One = Stone

2 = Two = Cave

3 = Three = Ribs, and so on.

3. Link

If you have mastered the two methods of "visualization + pronouns" above, now increase your memory ability with the Link method.

The link method is best used to remember reading material, including lists, articles, poems, lyrics, and stories.

To make the first connection, associate the first two facts with each other using mental visualization. For the second link, use the previous mental visualization and add the third fact. So on.

For example we need to memorize a table of chemical elements, make strange abbreviations such as:

H = Hajj

Li = Lina

Na = Up

K = Train

Rb = Noise

Cs = Prospective Husband

Fr = Frustration

Then, combine the facts in sequence and make related stories. So: Haji Lina Naik Kereta Ribut, Calon Sher age Frustation.

4. Loci

Loci comes from Latin which means location or place. The loci method utilizes the ability of the brain, especially in the hippocampus, to strengthen memory with a spatial context. The loci method combines the peg system with mental visualization.

For example, you will memorize the Pancasila. You are not only required to memorize all the points, but also sequentially.

Some people claim that they cannot imagine the image in their mind. But, you can imagine the location of the TV, table and sofa in your living room, right?

Visualize the route of travel that you are familiar with, from the bedroom to the living room, for example. Focus yourself on really understanding the mental map, imagine you are walking along it.

Using this mental visualization, you can fix one of the prominent features of each room with one Pancasila point. The bed as the first principle of "the One Godhead," the sofa of the TV room as the second principle of "just and civilized humanity", and so on.

The important thing is to make sure each feature of the marker is in the exact order you normally see or skip every day. The route is a step that will allow you to remember the exact order of the list that you must remember. In fact, if you can visualize the way back, you will be able to remember the Pancasila in reverse order!

Two things that help sharpen memory

Whether you are a student who is actively learning to face a final exam, or you are someone who is required to always put out creative ideas in the office, or just want to keep cognitive functions sharp, there are many ways you can hone memory and mental performance You. Always remember these two things to train your memory more sharply:

  1. Focus. You will not be able to remember something well if you never learn it, and you will not be able to learn anything well if you are out of focus. Only 8 seconds takes to process new information and plug it into your memory, if you are able to concentrate fully. Tip: find a quiet place and say the sentence you need to memorize in a memorable rhythm.
  2. Write it down. It will be easier for you to remember something in the long run if you write it down. Writing new information can improve memory compared to just listening without doing anything. Make sure you write appointments / names and phone numbers / shopping lists in journals or small notes and read the information aloud, twice.
4 Brain Teaser Exercises To Not Be senile When Old Later
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