4 Unexpected Things That Can Increase Your Cholesterol Levels


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Many things that you don't realize, in fact can actually increase cholesterol in the body. You are not enough just to rely on coconut milk and fatty food diets. Instead of keeping cholesterol levels balanced, you do something else that can increase bad cholesterol in the body. What are some things that can make cholesterol levels rise in addition to fatty foods and coconut milk?

Things that can increase the body's cholesterol

1. You consume excess sugar and alcohol intake

When you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, you may only focus on limiting eating fatty foods. However, many of you do not pay attention to sugar and alcohol intake.

Erin D. Michos, MD, professor of heart disease at Johns Hopkins Ciccarone, said that calories over sugar and alcohol will turn into cholesterol triglycerides which can increase unhealthy cholesterol in your blood.

One way to keep cholesterol levels balanced is to reduce all sugar intake, including sweet drinks, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and choosing grains rich in cholesterol-lowering fiber.

2. You stop exercising

Many things that are unexpected can increase cholesterol in the body. The reason is, can't if you just rely on a fatty food diet. High cholesterol sufferers must combine a diet with regular exercise.

Research published in June 2011 in the journal Heart review health data from 4,469 civil servants in the UK. After they were between the ages of 39 and 62 years. The results of the data show that over the past 11 years their body's LDL cholesterol levels have gradually decreased due to physical activity carried out. For people with cholesterol, you are advised to keep doing daily exercise in order to balance cholesterol levels and other body health.

3. You avoid all types of fat instead

Actually, you don't have to avoid all fat. It is true that you must avoid trans fats and weak saturation in food. Both types of fat are found in baked goods and various biscuits and other snacks.

But, in fact your body also needs fat. The body fat needed is monounsaturated fat (mono-unsaturated fat) and polyunsaturated fats (poly-unsaturated fat) These two fats, can be found in olive oil, olives, nuts such as walnuts and almonds, and omega-3 fatty acids in fish.

4. You determine the taboos wrongly

It's true that if you have high cholesterol you have to pay attention to the amount of fat in your food, especially trans fat and saturated fat. This also indicates that you need to be wise in managing and weighing food nutrition. But you might do it wrong.

Also make sure to get enough protein from the food you eat. For example, maybe you think eggs contain high cholesterol so you don't eat eggs. But you actually skip the high protein in the egg. You can eat one egg a day, but it is not recommended to eat steak and a glass of milk afterwards. You can still eat the food you like by monitoring the amount of fat that enters each day in turns.

4 Unexpected Things That Can Increase Your Cholesterol Levels
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