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Accurate Tips to Overcome and Prevent Shortness of Breath Due to Relapse


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For those of you who have an ulcer, they must be very familiar with complaints of shortness of breath because of rising stomach acid. This symptom is actually a sign of chronic ulcer. Gastric acid reflux that continues to worsen can cause life-threatening respiratory complications, you know! See how to prevent shortness of breath due to chronic ulcers below.

Why can an ulcer make shortness of breath?

Shortness of breath due to increased stomach acid can occur when the acidic liquid comes into contact with the esophagus or even enters the lungs. This condition then triggers nerve reflexes which causes the airways to narrow to force the fluid to come out of the lungs.

If your stomach is chronic, damage to the esophagus and lungs due to continuous exposure to stomach acid can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma or pneumonia, which are characterized by coughing or wheezing (wheezing). Not infrequently, this also creates a feeling of tightness in the chest.

How to quickly overcome shortness of breath because of rising stomach acid

When you have difficulty breathing, immediately move open and open space that has free and fresh air circulation. Then, try to sit up straight and breathe slowly through your stomach by pursing your lips.

Place your hands on your stomach, then breathe slowly through your nose. Let your chest and lower abdomen expand until you feel your hands go up. This means that your diaphragm is moving downward to make room for your lungs to be filled with oxygenated air.

Hold your breath for a few seconds (count 1 to 10 slowly), and then exhale slowly through your mouth (count 1 to 10 slowly). You should also feel your hands slowly coming down. Repeat for a few minutes until you can catch your breath.

Shortness of breath due to increased stomach acid can also be treated with medicines that are inhaled or drunk. The goal is to help alleviate or prevent airway obstruction and excessive mucus production. Some types of gastric acid reducing drugs due to GERD are H2-blockers (Ranitidine or Famotidine) and Proton pump inhibitors / PPI (omeprazole).

When your stomach acid continues to recur and cause shortness of breath, this is a serious condition and you should get treatment from a doctor as soon as possible. You may also be referred to a gastrointestinal specialist to undergo several health tests.

How to prevent shortness of breath due to increased stomach acid?

Apart from drugs prescribed by doctors, a regular diet and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the appearance of gastric symptoms. You should divide your food into small portions for one day and avoid fatty foods, acidic foods, and spicy foods. Also, don't eat big too late at night. When sleeping, don't use too many pillows that can worsen stomach acid conditions.

Preventing shortness of breath can also be done by practicing deep breathing techniques as described above. Reporting from Everyday Health, a recent study reports that GERD symptoms can be alleviated by regular breathing exercises. Then, a small study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology showed that participants who studied breathing techniques to strengthen diaphragm had a lower risk of experiencing shortness of breath because stomach acid rose than people who did not do breathing exercises.

If you smoke, stop the habit and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Always go to the doctor to check your stomach's health.

Accurate Tips to Overcome and Prevent Shortness of Breath Due to Relapse
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