Can you redeem the same recipe for antibiotics?


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If you are hit by illness viral infection or bacteria, generally you will go to the doctor for treatment. Later the doctor will prescribe antibiotics that must be redeemed at the pharmacy and drink until they run out.

After recovery, sometimes the symptoms of the same disease infection can occur again. Not infrequently, many people will redeem the previous recipe to deal with the symptoms of the illness. Repeat behavior or redeem this recurring recipe is it safe and feasible? Let's know the following rules for taking antibiotics that are correct and safe.

You cannot repeat prescription antibiotics

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Dr. Erni Nelwan, Sp. PD-KPTI, doctors of internal medicine and infectious tropical diseases at RSCM said that they should not repeat prescription antibiotics. This is because not necessarily the second diagnosis of the disease experienced is the same as the initial disease.

"Repeating antibiotic prescriptions is not permitted, because every symptom experienced is not necessarily the same virus or bacteria.", Said Dr. Erni was met at the University of Indonesia Hospital, Depok, Thursday (11/15).

Antibiotic drugs are drugs that are only used to treat diseases caused by bacteria or other microbes. So, not all symptoms of the disease that you feel can be treated with antibiotics. If you experience cold symptoms, you cannot take antibiotics to get well. Cold is a flu symptom caused by a virus. So you should take antiviral medication.

To find out whether the symptoms of the disease you are experiencing are caused by bacteria or not, you must consult a doctor. Later the drug can be determined based on the diagnosis of your disease. In addition, if you take antibiotics, this can cause your body to experience antibiotic resistance.

What is antibiotic resistance?

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Antibiotic resistance is a condition in which a person's body is immune and no longer treated with antibiotics. This is because bacteria or viruses become immune and adapt to your body, even after taking antibiotics.

If you have experienced antibiotic resistance, your body's ability to fight infectious diseases becomes weak. Infections in your body also become difficult to treat with antibiotics.

Please also note that antibiotic resistance has become a world health threat that can lead to death. There are already many bacteria resistant to antibiotics, medical treatments such as organ transplants, chemotherapy, or other medical treatments are very risky. As a result, you get longer treatment and treatment is also more expensive.

What are the rules for taking antibiotics right?

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It is important to follow the rules for taking antibiotics as recommended by the doctor. The following are things that must be considered in the rules of taking antibiotics:

  • Always take antibiotics as recommended by your doctor.
  • Always buy a number of antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor (no more, not less).
  • Always spend antibiotics as prescribed, even if you feel better.
  • Always take antibiotics on time and on the right dosage.
  • Don't skip doses.
  • Do not keep antibiotic drugs just in case if there are signs of relapse.
  • Don't just give or suggest antibiotics to other people.
  • Do not take antibiotics that doctors prescribe for other people.
  • Always tell your doctor if you take other drugs or vitamins when prescribed antibiotics.
Can you redeem the same recipe for antibiotics?
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