Often Overlooked, 6 These Complaints Can Be Signs of Problems in Metabolism


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Actual metabolism is not the same as the immune system. Because, the important role of metabolism lies in how food is converted into energy in the body. You might assume that your body's metabolism has been fine. However, as you get older, there are some times when your metabolism tends to decrease and slow down. Even though this is normal, you need to know and be aware of signs that your body is experiencing metabolic problems.

What is metabolism?

"I can eat a lot and stay slim,you know. That means I have a fast metabolism. "You may have heard of this and tend to respond with jealousy. However, what exactly is metabolism?

Metabolism is a process in which the body changes what you eat and drink into the energy used for activities. Energy is needed to maintain bodily functions to keep going well. This metabolic process continues to run at any time, including when you sleep. The reason is, the energy produced is still needed to undergo respiratory functions, facilitate blood circulation, adjust hormone levels, growth and repair cells that often occur during sleep.

Just like other body parts, metabolism can also experience the aging process. That is, metabolism can also experience problems and run more slowly than usual. This is due to increasing age, the number of muscles will decrease and be replaced by the composition of fat that dominates body weight. As a result, burning calories in the body will slow down so that your metabolism also slows down.

For example, women who enter menopause will experience a slower metabolism, making it difficult to maintain an ideal body weight. In addition, there are other things that signal that the body's metabolism is in trouble.

weak when fasting

What are the signs of metabolic problems in the body?

1. It's easy to get tired

There are many things that make your body tired quickly, for example because of lack of sleep or exercise too hard and excessive. According to Liza Moskivitz, RD, a nutritionist and CEO of NY Nutrition Group, it's easy to get tired of being a sign that your metabolism is running slowly. This is because the body has difficulty digesting food so that the body does not get an energy supply to carry out activities as usual. As a result, the body is easily tired and not powered.

2. Dry hair and skin

According to Scott Keatley, R.D. from Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy, the condition of dry hair and skin is one sign that your body is experiencing metabolic problems. Because the bad metabolism makes the body unable to repair dead cells quickly so that the health of the skin and hair becomes not maintained. In addition, problems with hair and dry skin can also be signs of other health problems, for example due to problems with malnutrition.

3. Many cravings and increased appetite

Cravings are one of the signals given by the body when it lacks energy. If you have enough sleep and eat regularly, but often crave (especially sweet and starchy foods), your metabolism may be in a condition that is not optimal. This is because the body cannot change food intake into the energy needed by the body properly. As a result, you become easily hungry and overwhelmedcravingsto meet energy needs in the body.

4. Fast body weight rises

Having trouble trying to maintain weight? Take it easy, this is a normal thing as we get older. Unfortunately, it will be a sign of a metabolic problem if your body weight continues to increase, even though you have controlled your food intake well. To find out the exact cause, immediately consult a nutritionist or your doctor.

5. Often feel cold

When the body's metabolism goes well, the body will produce heat so you tend to feel warm. Conversely, if you often feel cold all over your body, your metabolism may slow down and become a symptom of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a decrease in the production of thyroid hormones in the body which causes the metabolic processes in the body to slow down. As a result, you will often wear a jacket or take cover behind a blanket to maintain body temperature and get warmth.

6. The mood changes easily

Mood swings (mood) Drastically does not always describe your metabolism slower than usual. However, one of the reasons you become easily moody is fatigue due to a decrease in body metabolism.

The good news, there are a number of tests that doctors can do to find out the causes of metabolic disorders in your body. The easiest way is to do an indirect calorimetry test. This test is done by slightly modifying your food in one day and resting while using a mask. Another way that can be done is to do a thyroid panel using a blood test.

If you feel something is wrong with your metabolism, immediately ask your doctor for further examination.

Often Overlooked, 6 These Complaints Can Be Signs of Problems in Metabolism
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