Overcoming Waist Pain Due to Too Long Standing


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Did you know that the back pain that you feel can be caused because you stand too long?

Yep, as reported LowBackPainProgramstanding for a long time can cause waist pain. This pain is usually felt at the back of the waist. This low back pain can become more painful if you are stressed, your posture is not good when standing, your stomach is weak, or you are overweight.

An ergonomist from Quebec University's biology department in Canada, Professor Karen Messing, was quoted as saying DailyMail, say the same posture if too long, whether standing or sitting makes, the muscles are in the same position.

"And, people who stand for a long time feel pain and are generally physically exhausted," Karen explained.

Why can a long stand cause back pain?

The Karen study was conducted by examining 4,400 workers who spent most of their day standing. He found that almost ¼ had low back pain. Physiotherapist Jill Gamlin, who is from Cambridge, said, "When you stand up, the center of gravity moves to your spine and the body's weight is felt by the waist."

Jill added, if your stomach and waist muscles are not strong, your spine will start to be burdened so that it will attract ligaments and muscles, and will cause pain.

Based on a study from McGill University, Canada, which involved 18 participants who became the object of study, you do not need too long to feel low back pain. The study says you only need 25 minutes to stand until your back pain attacks.

18 study participants were asked to stand, while the researchers watched the pain in their waist muscles. After 25 minutes, all participants felt muscle pain in the waist, according to experts and professors of biomechanics and ergonomics who were researching, Dr. Julie Cote.

"However, some people also feel stiffness almost all over their bodies. So, it appears that in some disadvantaged people, their physiology makes them more likely to get sick when they stand up, "Dr. Cote.

3 exercises to deal with low back pain

Then how do you deal with low back pain that you feel due to standing too long? There are several activities that you can do, such as the following:

Sit or practice Pilates

Professor Karen said, people who spend a lot of time standing up need to take time and rest while sitting.

"You need to sit at least 6% or more of their daily activities in addition to standing up, to avoid problems. Exercises like Pilates also help maintain body posture and strengthen muscles that help the spine, "Karen said.

Do it deep squat rest

One exercise or exercise that can help reduce low back pain is deep squat rest. This exercise can reduce imbalance and tightness of the spine waist. This exercise also reduces pressure on the joints around the spine. Besides that he can also:

  • Reduces the anterior pelvic formed due to standing too long
  • Open and stretch the joints and muscles of the pelvis
  • Reduces excessive S-curves in the lumbar region
  • Strengthens the lower abdominal muscles

To dodeep squat rest, You only need to squat with both feet apart, just like the position when you defecate in a squat toilet. This resting position is better than sitting, because it can rebalance the burden on your spine after too long standing.

Other exercises

As quoted WebMD, there are several other exercises you can do to treat low back pain.

  • Good posture training, when you stand or sit. When lifting an item, lift it with the strength of your feet (so you do it from squatting, then stand) not with your waist (bent).
  • Do exercises that strengthen your muscles, especially the abdomen, waist, and pelvis. Forming strong muscles can make big changes and can improve muscle performance.
  • Don't be a reason to just laze around on the bed when your waist hurts. You just have to move a lot.


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Overcoming Waist Pain Due to Too Long Standing
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