Need Other Health Insurance If You Have Health BPJS?


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Health is the most valuable investment in life. That's why making health insurance can be an important protective step for you to consider as a family to anticipate the risk of illness and its treatment. Well fortunately, the Indonesian government has launched a national insurance facility called the Indonesia Health Card Health Insurance (JKN-KIS) to make it easier for every citizen to get access to health. This state insurance service is covered by BPJS Kesehatan. The next question is whether the Health BPJS list is enough to cover all medical expenses or is it still necessary to add to making private insurance?

First read the following article for full review.

Consider first the advantages and disadvantages of BPJS Health

Similarly, when you want to buy a house or car, you need to compare the plus-plus health insurance that you want to get. Following is the consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of the BPJS list.

DHF patients must be hospitalized

Excess of BPJS Kesehatan

The premium fee is affordable

Compared to private health insurance which can cost up to hundreds of thousands per month, the JKN-KIS program sets a more affordable monthly fee.

For class I care, you only need to pay a fee of Rp. 80,000, class II of Rp. 51,000, and class III of Rp. 30,000.

By paying this fee per month, you can already get basic health facilities starting from examinations, hospitalizations, surgery, and drugs.

Bears almost all types of diseases

In accordance with Permenkes 28/2014, BPJS insurance covers all types of diseases except explicitly not mentioned, such as cosmetic or aesthetic treatment (for example, plastic surgery or facial fillers); treatment of complementary / alternative and experimental ones (for example chiropractic); treatment of drug addiction; services for dealing with infertility (fertility problems); to treatment for problems related to self-harm.

In fact, BPJS can cover the costs of treating diseases that are usually excluded by private health insurance, such as hormonal, congenital, and hemodialysis (dialysis). BPJS can also cover preventive health services, such as immunization and certain contraceptive services (vasectomy, tubectomy, injection KB, and spiral KB / IUD).

BPJS and private health insurance both do not cover treatment for diseases caused by outbreaks.

Gives a lifetime guarantee

Most private insurance provides limited health protection for ages. Conversely, the list of BPJS Health means that your health is guaranteed by the state for life (as long as this national program is still run by the state).

Lack of Health BPJS

Complicated bureaucracy

One of the shortcomings of the BPJS services that is most often complained about and the main problem is that services tend to be complicated and complicated. Not to mention, usually the queues for BPJS patients are very long. You can take a long time from starting to queue to register until finally handled.

One reason is because BPJS Kesehatan adopts a tiered service system. You cannot go directly to the hospital for treatment only with a BPJS card. You must first go to level 1 FASKES, usually your doctor's clinic or your place of residence, to get a referral letter. When the validity period of your referral letter expires but treatment in the hospital has not been completed, you must renew the letter by returning to FASKES 1 to get a new referral.

Difficult to get the appropriate facilities

Even if your official BPJS list gets class I care, the reality on the ground might say something to you.

There are several things that make it difficult for you to get the appropriate facilities. Generally because the capacity of the room is full, limited, and has been filled by patients with private insurance. All these obstacles make you often have to "succumb" to getting class II and III facilities.

Some drugs are also not covered by BPJS, such as the trastuzumab breast cancer drug. If the medicine you need is outside the BPJS medication list, then you need to redeem it using personal money beyond the premium fee paid per month.

There are boundaries in the area

Unlike most private health insurance companies that can cover medical expenses overseas, BPJS Health services are only valid in Indonesia. If you need to take medication abroad, then you need to spend from your personal pocket.

Is it enough only with BPJS Health?

Bro, for outpatient care

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of BPJS Kesehatan, then the next question, is it enough if only the list of BPJS is Health? The answer is back to your needs.

Quoted from CNBC Indonesia, Finansia Consulting Financial Planner Pandji Harsanto stated that BPJS Health helped provide basic health services to the community. According to Pandji, this mandatory Health BPJS helps the community be protected from various diseases from an early age.

Pandji states that after you have BPJS Kesehatan, private health insurance is optional. That is, you may register if you do not feel enough with the facilities provided by BPJS Kesehatan. However, if you feel you have enough then you don't need to register anymore.

Judging from the advantages and disadvantages, BPJS Health does have a more complicated bureaucracy compared to private health insurance. This makes most people feel uncomfortable. In addition, the long queues of BPJS users tend to make hospitals more open in serving private health insurance patients than with BPJS patients.

how to use BPJS

But on the other hand, private health insurance does not provide protection for all diseases. While BPJS is able to cover all types of diseases.

By considering all the shortcomings and advantages before the list of BPJS Kesehatan, you can measure whether the national insurance facility is in accordance with the needs or not. Remember, health is one of the priorities of life that needs to be prioritized and well prepared. Therefore, it is wise to choose the type of health insurance you need.

Need Other Health Insurance If You Have Health BPJS?
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