How Many Times a Day Should Men Wash Face with Facial Soap?


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One way to treat a man's appearance is to wash his face. In addition to keeping the face clean, washing your face with facial soap will also help maintain facial skin and avoid various skin disorders such as pimples and blackheads. But make no mistake, even though it sounds simple, often men don't do it right.

A dermatologist or dermatologist from New York City, Dr. Jeremy Brauer said, face washing is included in the cheapest and easiest facial treatment. "The more you wash it properly and correctly, your face will be better maintained," said the director of clinical research from the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, as reported Ask Men.

How many times is ideal?

Generally experts recommend that men wash their faces twice a day, namely in the morning and evening. If it is too often or more than twice, your skin can be at risk of drying out.

Most men may wash their faces in the morning while bathing, before leaving for work. At night, men wash their faces with facial soap they have scrub, to remove dust and oil that sticks after a day of activity.

Dr. Terrence Keaney, a dermatologist who works with Dove Men + Care, to Business Insider, recommends that male patients wash their faces twice a day. And only twice a day.

"When you wash your face, the soap or cleanser you use not only removes oil and sweat, but also removes lipids in the skin. So your soap or cleanser can potentially irritate your skin if used too often, "said Dr. Keaney.

What are the consequences if you wash your face too often using facial soap?

You might wash your face too often or even rarely. You might even use facial soap or wash your face at the wrong time.

He warned men not to wash their faces often. "I am always vigilant and try to prevent others from cleaning their faces too much, and making their skin dry and irritated," Keany said.

Quoted from Health, these wrong habits can make your facial skin dry, fine hairs on the face (beard, mustache, beard) do not grow, pimples arise, or the skin becomes oily. But not infrequently also the habit of washing your face wrong can cause irritation.

Dr. Keany also advises us to use moisturizer after cleaning the face, in the morning after waking up and also at night right before going to bed.


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How Many Times a Day Should Men Wash Face with Facial Soap?
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