Beware, Food Calories Can Soar Due to Incorrect Cooking Techniques


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If you are on a strict diet, maybe all this time you are trying to choose foods that do not contain high calories. But did you know that unwittingly the cooking process that you do can influence the number of calories your food has been 'desperately' limiting? What cooking techniques will make food high in calories? Will all cooked foods experience an increase in calories?

The cooking process causes more food calories

Not only does it improve taste, the cooking process can make your food change into high-calorie foods. Do not believe? You can see the difference in raw chicken meat with cooked chicken meat.

In 100 grams of raw chicken, there are 114 calories while the breast meat that has been cooked calorie changes to around 270 calories. Increasing food calories also depends on cooking techniques, of course cooking by frying, boiling, or baking will produce different food calories.

Increased food calories depend on the cooking technique that is done

If you always fry almost all the dishes you want to eat, then you are in trouble now. Yes, when frying food, you will use cooking oil, butter, or margarine which will be absorbed quite a lot by the food that is being fried.

Suhu hot when frying, makes the water content in the food disappear and the fat contained in the oil will enter to replace the position of water. This absorbed fat causes your food that was low in calories to be high in calories. In fact, it is known that the increase in calories that occur can reach 64% of calories before.

Meanwhile, if you do cooking techniques such as steaming or boiling, you don't need to worry about increasing food calories after cooking. Unlike the technique of frying, steaming or boiling make food safe from a surge of calories. This condition occurs due to the absence of additional fat from the outside - which occurs in the frying process - which makes your food calories increase. When compared, in 100 grams of fried chicken contains calories of 165, while boiled chicken meat only has about 151 calories.

The content of nutrients in food also affects the addition of calories

Apparently, according to a study published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, each food must experience an increase in calories after being cooked. But how many calories are added, depending on the type of food itself.

For example, carbohydrate sources can increase calories by 20-40% during cooking. While cooked protein sources have 10-20% more calories than raw ones with the same type of food.

That means, am I better off eating raw food?

Cooking food is also a way to avoid poisoning or illness due to bacteria in raw food. Besides that, cooked food certainly has a richer taste and attractive appearance. What you need to pay attention to is how these dishes are cooked and prevent calories from increasing in large quantities. Therefore, avoid fried foods so that the calories that enter the body do not increase.

Beware, Food Calories Can Soar Due to Incorrect Cooking Techniques
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