How Can Vitamin D Help Absorb Calcium?


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To maintain bone strength, not only calcium minerals are needed, but also vitamin D. Both must be balanced to prevent bone loss such as osteoporosis. However, what is the relationship between vitamin D and calcium? How does vitamin D help with calcium absorption? Check out the full review.

What is the relationship between vitamin D and calcium for bone health?

To strengthen bones, calcium does not work alone in the body. One of them, along with vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important in helping the body absorb calcium and use calcium. The body cannot absorb calcium at all without adequate presence of vitamin D in the body.

How does vitamin D help absorb calcium in the body?

So, when vitamin D enters, the body will immediately convert it to the hormone calcitriol. This hormone which will later help the absorption of calcium in the intestine.

Vitamin D will also stimulate substances that will transport calcium into the intestinal wall and bring it to the blood. If the calcium transport process is smooth and calcium is in the blood, the absorption works well.

When calcium is already in the blood, it is ready to be distributed to parts of the body that need it, especially bone. In bone, calcium will immediately work to solidify bones and repair damaged bone cells.

That way, the bones will become stronger and stronger. Therefore, vitamin D plays a very large role in this calcium absorption cycle.

Calcium and vitamin D, the best combination for bone health

To maintain bone strength, this means you cannot rely on calcium alone. You must pay attention to vitamin D intake too. Vitamin D basically can be obtained from three ways, namely from food, through skin exposed to sunlight, and from supplements.

According to the table of Nutrition Adequacy Figures (RDA) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the requirement for vitamin D per day for adults up to age 70 is as much as 15 mcg. Meanwhile, if it is more than 70 years, it takes as much as 20 mcg of vitamin D every day to maintain overall body health.

For recommendations for calcium alone, it takes as much as 1000-1200 mg per day for both men and women. Both of these must be balanced in order to get strong bones and prevent bone loss.

Choose supplements that have calcium and vitamin D at the same time

Not only from food, you can get calcium as well as vitamin D directly from supplements. If necessary, you can get calcium and vitamin D as well as supplements CDR in the form of effervescent tablets. Not only can you help with calcium and vitamin D intake, CDR also contains vitamin C and vitamin B6 to help maintain bone density.

One CDR tablet is able to provide as much as 300 IU of vitamin D, and provides calcium in the form of calcium carbonate as much as 635 mg. Taking CDR supplements can help fill nearly half of the recommended amount of vitamin D and calcium the body needs.

How Can Vitamin D Help Absorb Calcium?
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