How to avoid trans fats that are bad for health?


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Have you heard of trans fats before? Yes, this trans fat has a bad reputation for health. Because, this type of fat-containing food is considered to make the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes increases. Actually what, really, is trans fat? How to avoid it?

Trans fat: 'good' fat becomes 'bad'

At first, trans fat (trans fat) derived from unsaturated fats (good fats) which then go through food processing (hydrogenation) which makes the structure change. Yes, trans fat is very common in processed foods or drinks. This hydrogenation process that makes trans fat in processed foods has a bad nature.

Not only in processed food products, these bad fats are also found in many fried foods. Yes, because the cooking oil used already contains trans fat. The frying process will increase the amount of trans fat in your food. Meanwhile, this type of fat is also produced naturally in the body of an animal, so in beef, mutton and animal milk products, there are also levels trans fat.

Trans fat It has been proven in various studies to cause chronic diseases, such as strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, and diabetes. This type of fat causes bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body to rise and reduce good cholesterol (HDL). When bad cholesterol increases, the risk of blockage of the arteries is very large. Therefore, people who often eat processed foods are at high risk for various heart diseases.

Means, shouldn't you consume animal products because they contain these bad fats too? Take it easy, the amount of trans fat in dairy products and meat is only a little and tends not to harm the body, because it is made natural.

So what should be done to avoid trans fat?

Not difficult, really, to avoid trans fat, provided you do the following tips:

1. Avoid using cooking oil too often

Maybe almost everyone likes fried food because it includes cheap, tasty, and filling snacks. However, unfortunately this type of food contains this bad fat which is quite high. Not only fried foods, all foods that you treat by frying also have a lot of bad fat content. So, you should avoid using cooking oil too often.

From now on, treat your food in other ways, such as baking, sautéing, or steaming. That way, calories from food don't increase too much and you avoid various risks of heart disease.

2. Read food labels before buying

Don't just take it, you have to read food labels before buying a processed product. Look at the nutritional value, how much trans fat you have. Compare with other similar food products and choose products that have the least fat content. Although most processed foods certainly have this type of fat content, you can choose products with not too much fat.

3. Stay away from processed foods and drinks

Packaging food and beverages clearly have more fat because they are processed by the factory. So, you should choose natural foods and then cook at home. Of course, it will be better and definitely healthy, right?

4. Control your appetite

What makes you prefer to eat fried foods or packaged foods? Whereas before you have eaten. Maybe this has to do with your big appetite. If indeed you still feel hungry after eating, you should choose healthier foods, for example fruits that are definitely high in nutritional content.

How to avoid trans fats that are bad for health?
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