Want to lose weight? Try eating more than 3 times a day


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Actually, there are many simple and easy things you can do to lose weight. Not only do you have to diet and exercise, but small things like regulating your meal times and eating frequency can also help.

The hours and frequency of eating is one of the important things that must be considered if you want to lose weight. How many times is the frequency of eating good and ideal for losing weight? Is it true that eating 3 times a day is the best thing to do?

Weight loss is very easy to go up and down, just changing your diet in a day may reduce or even increase your weight. Therefore, just choosing foods and drinks that are healthy for consumption is not enough to maintain an ideal body weight or even lose weight. All you have to do is manage your diet.

Eating less often makes you gain weight

If you think that reducing the frequency of eating can lose weight, then your assumption is wrong. In fact, in a study it was stated that reducing the frequency of eating can increase body weight, and increasing the frequency of eating would be more effective for losing weight.

An experiment has been carried out related to the distribution and frequency of foods that can control appetite. In the experiment there were two groups of respondents who were both given breakfast as much as 1000 calories, but with different divisions of eating frequency.

One group was given 1000 calories of food at a time, while the other group was given a few portions of food. Then the results of this experiment stated that the group that ate with several portions of food became better at controlling their appetite, because their stomachs were always filled with food. In contrast to the group given only one meal that has a greater appetite.

In the study, the frequency of eating at lunch was also carried out, and the results obtained were that the group that ate only one time had a calorie intake greater than 27% compared to the group that divided the frequency of food into several times.

Eating more often is also better for blood sugar

In addition, other studies have also shown that sharing the frequency of eating can affect blood sugar levels, the hormone insulin, and the person's hormone ghrelin. In this study, one group was fed twice for lunch with a 4-hour pause. While the other groups were asked to eat 12 times with a pause of 40 minutes. At the end of the study it was known that the frequency of eating only twice with a pause of 4 hours caused glucose levels in the blood to be unstable and normal. In addition, it is also known that the hormone insulin which regulates sugar in the blood and the hormone ghrelin which functions to increase appetite, the amount becomes abnormal which can then cause an increase in appetite.

Why do you eat more often, the easier you lose weight?

From various research results that have been explained previously, it can be concluded that the frequency of eating more (but with the same number of calories) can reduce appetite, increase satisfaction and feeling full, make the function of the hormone insulin and ghrelin better, and not make the stomach empty in a long time so the stomach always feels full. Not only that, the energy needed to digest food entering the body is different. When digesting foods that are eaten in a higher frequency, less energy is needed because the food enters a little. This will make the digestive system work more relaxed and not burden their work.

Appetite is very much associated with satisfaction and the 'full' feeling that is felt when food enters the stomach. Therefore, one of the things that can control appetite is satisfaction that will make someone stop eating or not eating food anymore. When the appetite is controlled and the feeling of fullness and satisfaction with food is fulfilled, you will reduce the portion of food and not 'eye hungry' which can make your weight go up instantly. In addition, the regulation of the good ghrelin hormone can prevent the emergence of a desire to overeat so that your weight does not increase rapidly.

So, eating more frequency but with small portions can help you lose weight easily.


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Want to lose weight? Try eating more than 3 times a day
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