Be Careful, Watching TV More Than 3 Hours Can Harm Children's Health


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How long do you give your child time to watch television in a day? Maybe many parents do not know that the duration of watching television or the like affects the growth, development, and even health of children. Because, the duration of watching television which is long enough or more than 3 hours can increase the risk of children suffering from chronic diseases. How can?

How does the duration of watching TV more than 3 hours affect children's health?

Maybe all this time you have not realized that you have let a child sit in front of a television screen or computer for a long time. But, from now on stop the habit and make rules for watching television good for children. A study states that a child who has a television viewing habit of more than 3 hours is at risk of developing various chronic diseases.

This study involved 4495 children aged 9-10 years. Then, the researchers tried to look at and pay attention to the lifestyle of each child and ask parents to fill out a questionnaire about how long they let the child watch every day. The researchers also examined the health status and nutritional status of each child, such as measured glucose levels in the blood, total fat, and body mass index.

Furthermore, at the end of the study, it was found that children who watched television more than 3 hours a day turned out to be at very high risk for developing type two diabetes mellitus and heart disease.

In this study, the group of children whose television viewing duration was more than 3 hours had more fat cells and more frequent insulin hormone disorders than in the group of children who only watched TV less than 3 hours a day

Why is the duration of watching television excessive can endanger the health of children?

Actually, not only is the duration of watching television a problem, children play gadget can also cause problems. The duration of time spent on these things is called screen time. Yes, called screen time because during that time the child is just in front of the screen, whether it's television, computer, laptop, or gadget others.

The researchers stated that children who watch television too long or play gadget, tend to have abnormal leptin hormones like other children. Leptin hormone is one of the regulators of appetite and if it is disturbed it can make children always hungry. So the intake is excessive for children his age. Excessive intake makes children overweight and then at high risk of developing heart disease, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, and so on.

Not only that, children have less time to do physical activities outside the home. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should only be given time screen time less than 2 hours every day. So that in the rest of his free time, parents can invite them to play and do activities outside the home, so as to avoid sedentary lifestyles.

Be Careful, Watching TV More Than 3 Hours Can Harm Children's Health
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