Familiar Relationships with Parents Can Improve Children's Health



Parent and child relationships can be likened to a hot-cold relationship. Small misunderstandings are not often the source of a fight, especially when both have different opinions about something. Usually, parents tend to protect children in ways that children cannot understand or accept. As a result, children feel they are not given freedom or are always banned, and finally conflict arises between them. Or, children often find it difficult to talk about what they want without disappointing parents; and they will feel annoyed if parents don't understand what they want.

However, whatever conflicts occur, all parents will always expect their children to grow up to adulthood. However, they often forget that physical growth is not enough to make children grow healthy. Parents also need to pay attention to children's emotional development.

How important is a good relationship with parents on children's health?

Very important. This has been proven by several studies that show that a good relationship between children and parents can determine the child's health condition in the future. Research conducted at Baylor University shows that children will grow healthy in a warm home environment.

Several research studies are cited through Science Daily also mentioned that children will grow and develop well in high socio-economic status. This is because, in families with high socio-economic status, children can get good nutrition, a healthy environment, and have the opportunity to develop their skills. It's just that, no matter how good the facilities are, the child's desire to eat, sleep, and routinely perform well can be largely determined by his relationship with parents.

If the relationship between the two is not good, filled with tension or violence, then the child tends to have a bad eating atmosphere. Children will tend to eat foods that make them happier, for example eating sweet foods, high fat, or snacks they like. In fact, sleep or other activities can also be disrupted; because bad relationships make them less eager to lead a healthy or orderly life.

Tips for parents to be able to maintain good relationships with children

  • The basic thing in establishing good relationships with children is honesty and consistency. You also need to be introspective about how you educate children; Have you shown a good attitude in front of them? Including about how you behave in dealing with children's behavior that often makes you want to be angry.
  • Let your child make their own decisions, and respect each decision they choose. As parents, you need to grow with them, listen to everything they want to talk about, listen to them, then they will be happy to be open to you.
  • No matter how busy you are at work, take your time for children. Because if you spend a lot of time working, then you will lose valuable time with your children, which will not happen again.
  • Let your child know that they are a priority in your life, without having to control their lives.

In the end, there is no perfect relationship between child and parent; there will always be conflicts that make their relationship a little tenuous. But whatever happens, parental love will still be there all the time. And as a child, try to understand and understand your parents; at least by speaking softly, being calm, and controlling emotions when having differences of opinion.

Familiar Relationships with Parents Can Improve Children's Health
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