School for Children, How come, is it not finished? This Is What Parents Must Do


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Bringing supplies to school for children is a useful thing. In addition to being more economical, bringing lunch to school can also prevent children from taking snacks at random, which then has a positive influence on children's health. Not only that, bringing school supplies also trains children to get used to not snacking and eating home food provided by the mother. However, sometimes the child's appetite fluctuates. His stock was not spent. Then, what should you do if your child's school supplies don't run out?

Come on, find out the reason for your child's school supplies is not up

Children must have their own reasons for not spending their lunch. We recommend that you ask directly to the child. It could be that children's supplies don't run out because children don't have much time to eat.

Or at rest time your little one prefers to play with his friends, so that he forgets to set aside a little time to eat lunch.

Another reason is that children are not appetite, don't like food, mostly food portions, and others. If you already know the reason for the child, you can then think about how to get the child to spend his lunch.

If your child doesn't answer directly why he doesn't spend his lunch, you can find out for yourself by doing various experiments. For example, reduce the provision of children, bring provisions that children like, the form of provisions to be more attractive, and so on.

Accurate tactics so that children spend their school supplies

Here are some strategies that parents can implement so that the baby's school supplies are always used up every day.

1. Involve children in planning their provisions

Before bringing provisions, you can ask your little one first, "What do you want to bring today?". That way, children are more enthusiastic and tasteful to spend their lunch at school. Because, he already knew that his lunch was food he wanted and liked. However, don't forget to tuck the menu with vegetables and fruit.

2. Bring lunch that is easy to eat

Sometimes, there are children who are lazy to eat their lunch because it is hard to eat. For example, if the chicken has bones, the meat is cut hard, and so on. To overcome this, you can bring lunch that is easy for children to eat. Like chicken or meat already in shredded form, the fruit has been cut, and others.

Don't forget, make sure that the little school supplies are easy to open and pack after they finish eating.

3. Provide food that your child likes

This can help improve children's appetite, so children want to spend their lunch to completion. Bringing food supplies that children do not like tends to make children not eat their lunch.

4. Decorate school supplies for children to be more interesting

Some children may be embarrassed when they bring lunch while their other friends do not. This made him close his lunch and chose to snack outside with his friends.

To prevent this, the mother can form and decorate her lunch as attractive as possible. Children become more interested in opening and eating their lunch. Who knows, after seeing the little baby's stock, his friends actually want to bring lunch to school.

5. Is the provision of children's school supplies right?

Lest the reason the child does not spend his lunch is because the portion is too large so he cannot afford to spend it. For that, you should pay attention to how many servings of children when he ate.

Children generally have fewer meals than adults. So that when you prepare supplies for children, the portions cannot be compared to adults.

School for Children, How come, is it not finished? This Is What Parents Must Do
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