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Signs and Symptoms of Asthma in Children that Parents Must Observe


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Asthma is one of the common diseases experienced by children. Unfortunately, not all parents really understand the signs and symptoms so they are often overlooked. What's more, symptoms of asthma in children tend to be similar to other respiratory infections that seem trivial. Well, so as not to mistakenly handle it, let's recognize the signs and symptoms through the following review.

How old are children getting prone to asthma?

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Asthma in children can appear at any age. Even actually it can be detected from infancy. However, most children will begin to show signs and symptoms of asthma starting age of five, as quoted from WebMD.

Until now, health experts have not been able to ascertain the cause of asthma in children. Some experts suspect that this can occur when children are often exposed to exposure to dust, cigarette smoke, and air pollution while on the move outside the home.

Not to mention the immune system of children is still very vulnerable to various diseases. This combination of factors makes asthma in children sometimes inevitable.

Signs and symptoms of asthma in children

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Not all children will experience the same asthma symptoms. In fact, the symptoms of asthma in children can vary and continue to worsen over time.

In general, the initial signs and symptoms of asthma in children that you need to pay attention to include:

  • Coughing constantly, usually appears when the child is playing, laughing, crying, or sleeping at night.
  • Chronic cough.
  • It's easy to get tired while playing, marked by the loss of children's interest in their favorite toys.
  • Breath fully tired. The chest looks up and down irregularly.
  • Complains about chest pain.
  • Wheezing, namely breath whistling or bro.
  • Hard to breathe.
  • Neck and chest muscles tighten.

If you find one or several of these symptoms in your child, immediately take your child to the nearest pediatrician to determine the cause. The reason is, some other respiratory infections tend to have symptoms similar to those of asthma, so parents often misstep when treating childhood illness.

Especially if you or your partner (even both) have a history of asthma or allergies beforehand, then your child is at high risk of developing the same asthma as you. So, don't delay to bring your child to the doctor, huh!

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma in Children that Parents Must Observe
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