Tips for Choosing a Safe and Comfortable Baby Box for Your Little One


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Baby box is one of the baby equipment that is mandatory, especially after your baby is born. Until the age of a month, babies also sleep more, about 20 hours a day. In addition, baby boxes can be used up to 3 years old children. Therefore, choosing a safe and safe baby box is very important for parents. How do you choose the best baby box?

How to choose a safe baby box method?

These beds or boxes for babies are your baby's space, which they will explore later when you don't watch them. Since you cannot keep an eye on your baby, the box for this baby must be safe, comfortable, and function properly when used. Before buying it, you should consider the following points first.

1. Buy expensive ones, not necessarily good and safe

Buying a baby bed does not need to be expensive, because expensive does not guarantee the comfort and safety of the baby. Choose a simple baby box. Avoid buying boxes that are antique and made of wood, because wood usually has a rough texture and can remove sap at any time. As much as possible also avoid using boxes for babies whose fences are easily opened, closed, or lowered.

2. Choose a design that fits your baby's development

After selecting the desired model, the next step is to choose a size that is not too broad but not too narrow. If you choose too small, it is feared your baby cannot move freely in it. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests the ideal height for a baby box fence is limited to 50-60 cm.

Also make sure the baby box fence is not too tenuous. The fence of a baby's bed that is too tenuous can cause limbs, especially the baby's head, to enter in between and get trapped.

3. Choose the right baby mattress

When buying boxes for babies, of course you also buy a package with a mattress or mattress. It's good to choose a mattress that is not too soft. Why? A mattress that is too soft can make the baby sink. This is what sometimes causes the risk of SIDS (sudden infanth death syndrome).

Babies whose sleeping position is incorrect or comfortable tend to have difficulty breathing. When the baby is facedown, the movement of air in the mouth becomes disturbed due to the narrowing of the airway. This causes the baby to inhale the carbon dioxide that it has just exhaled, so that the oxygen level in the baby's body becomes less. That is what causes babies to die.

4. Check the baby box thoroughly

Check the other box bodies. Pay attention, whether there is peeling paint, if there are loose or missing screws, and make sure that the baby box you choose is safe for your little one. Don't forget, the baby mattress must fit the box size. If the mattress you buy is larger than the box so that it bends the edges of the mattress, it can be dangerous. Your baby can play and shift the position of the mattress.

5. If you want to use a used box, double check the security

Sometimes, parents will inherit a hereditary box, starting from the first child to the last child. But unfortunately, this actually saves the danger if it's not careful. If you want to use the box, you must double check all box hinges, fence resistance, mattress density and the shape of the mattress, as well as several other things.

The age of your first and last child may have a considerable difference. That is why checking security boxes is certainly important because the box you use also has age. You might be able to contact the store or box manufacturer to check the latest box security standards.

What is the danger that can occur due to using a baby box?

a sign of a dehydrated baby

According to CDC or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2015 there were 3,700 babies died in the United States due to SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. Still according to the collection of CDC cases, there are several other hazards caused by baby boxes, namely:

  • About 15 percent of babies are injured because they fall and hit baby box fences.
  • About 6 percent of babies are injured because they are stuck in a box fence.
  • Some babies have bruises and scratches in their boxes.
  • About 1 percent of babies die because they are stuck in a box.

Pay attention to a few of these before using the baby box!

  1. It's good to put the baby in a recumbent position while sleeping. Never put a baby to sleep on his stomach on a bed even though the child can turn his own body.
  2. Use a solid, flat mattress, use the sheets. This is useful to prevent the baby from choking while sleeping because it sinks in his bed and avoids the risk of sudden infant death.
  3. Place the baby box close to you, not different rooms or rooms. Try the box next to your bed. This can be done at least until a 1 year old baby.
  4. Don't fill the box for babies with blankets, toys, pads or dolls. 1 year old babies can use these pads to climb out of the box and babies risk falling.
  5. Don't cover the baby's head with a sleeping cap. This can make the baby overheated and uncomfortable because of sweating.
  6. Put the box for the baby away from the window. Sunlight and wind that might directly hit the baby can make him feel uncomfortable. Don't forget to keep the baby box away from curtains or curtains that are soaring. The baby can be wrapped around or crushed by a curtain guard if he pulls it.
  7. As soon as your child is about 1 meter tall, it's good to start sleeping in a normal bed. If you are afraid of your child falling, provide a mattress that is placed on the floor and accompany so that the child feels comfortable getting used to.
Tips for Choosing a Safe and Comfortable Baby Box for Your Little One
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