What Is Positive Care, and Why Is It Important To Be Done By Parents?


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At present it can be said that the alias pattern is positive parenting positive parenting has begun to take over, since this method has proven to be better and more effective in educating children. What is positive parenting like? Check out the reviews.

Hitting children is proven to only have a bad effect

Your generation of parents must give more punishment that you tend to fear, such as scolding by yelling to show that parents are angry. Or hit certain parts like the buttocks, areas of the body that are considered the safest to hit.

If you still remember it, there must be a feeling of fear to parents. Yes, feeling scared. Not respect. So, which one do you choose: feared by the child or respected by the child?

In the past method parenting what our parents know is still very limited, in the present there have been a lot of trends parenting or parenting that you can use to care for your little one. And one of them is a positive parenting method.

What is positive parenting?

Positive parenting is caring, constructive, and pleasant parenting. Supportive means giving treatment that supports children's development, constructive means to be positive by avoiding violence or punishment, and doing it in a fun way.

You don't teach children discipline by giving them punishment, but you teach discipline by telling them which behavior is wrong and what is right.

How to do positive parenting?

Childcare is a method parenting which emphasizes a positive attitude and applies discipline with compassion. The basic principle of this method is how you respect your child. In essence, making children grow into an independent and responsible person.

Maybe at first you doubted whether this concept was effective for disciplining children, but this was better than the concept of giving punishment for children to obey parents.

For more details, try to remember. When you were little, you would not like it if your parents snapped, rebuked, humiliated you in front of friends, or locked you in your room for making mistakes.

Likewise with children, they do not want to be treated like that. For comparison in the workplace, if you have an open boss, always support your ideas, stimulate you to find solutions to problems that occur, you will definitely prefer, right?

Likewise with children. For children, parents are the boss at home, a figure he must follow. But like employees, children will develop into a positive person if their parents also always give him examples of positive attitudes.

A simple example, when your child breaks a window pane, instead of punishing him (as a negative attitude), it is better to help him find a solution to repair a broken window.

It can be started by cleaning broken glass, reminding him to apologize, temporarily close the broken window, and invite a joint venture from the savings (if any) to pay for the cost of replacing the glass.

What are the benefits of positive parenting for parents and children?

The approach in a positive way, such as speaking softly, getting used to exchanging stories, providing time alone with children, will encourage children to change their attitudes.

Children also learn to control emotions, be open, and this can be one of the many ways to increase your child's self-confidence because he or she never feels humiliated.

For parents, positive parenting is also more calming and relieving. You can feel more relaxed and calm with this upbringing. If your little one doesn't listen, instead of yelling for him to pay attention to you, it's a good idea to get close, talk more clearly, by adding "if not done" and "if done" options. You no longer need to feel guilty about having to pull muscle with your little one.

What Is Positive Care, and Why Is It Important To Be Done By Parents?
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