Drinking Alcohol When Pregnant, Can You?


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There is no prohibition on pregnant women going to parties or celebrating festive New Year's Eve with friends and family. However, what if at the party you drink drinks containing alcohol, can you drink alcohol while pregnant? We find out the answer.

Can drinking alcohol during pregnancy still be in small amounts?

According to Jacques Moritz, head of obstetric science at St. hospital Luke’s Roosevelt in New York. The problem with drinking alcohol while pregnant is often questioned is that there is no evidence that proves that drinking alcohol a little or a lot will not be harmful to the fetus.

According to experts at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics and health officials in the United States recommend that pregnant women and women who are trying to get pregnant should not drink alcohol in small or large quantities.

Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy increase the risk of occurrence fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) or alcohol syndrome in the fetus. FASD is a condition caused by mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy or during pregnancy. FASD results in children born with disabilities, having problems with their behavior and learning processes, and other problems that may occur due to alcohol consumption in pregnant women.

Effect of drinking alcohol while pregnant

According to the Central for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol can cause problems for fetal development during pregnancy, including if the pregnant woman does not know if she is pregnant. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy in the first trimester can cause babies to have problems with abnormal facial features. Alcohol also causes problems with the development of the central nervous system. The brain of a newly developing baby during pregnancy can be affected by alcohol.

When you drink alcohol, alcohol quickly enters the bloodstream, passes through the placenta and reaches the womb. Babies will break down the alcohol content more slowly and consequently cause a very high alcohol content in the baby's blood.

What about beer and wine?

The term non-alcohol is sometimes misleading and this term is often used in beer and wine products. Non-alcoholic drinks, especially in beer and wine, do not mean there is no alcohol in them. You should be able to distinguish alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks or alcohol free.

Beer and wine products that are labeled non-alcoholic actually still contain alcohol but not much, only half a percent different from ordinary beer or wine that contains as much as 5 percent alcohol.

Drinking alcohol while pregnant is indeed still a debate among obstetricians. However, there is nothing wrong for the sake of the baby, you have to hold alcoholic drinks for 9 months. Only 9 months.

Drinking Alcohol When Pregnant, Can You?
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