Mother Smoking While Pregnant? This is the Impact


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Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, there are still 10 percent of women who smoke in the last 3 months after their pregnancy. As many as 55 percent of them decided to stop during pregnancy, and 40 percent of them returned to smoking 6 months after delivery. But actually, what will happen if you smoke while pregnant?

Content in cigarettes

Cigarettes contain a number of substances that are dangerous because they have toxic effects on the body, two of which are the most frequently discussed are carbon monoxide and nicotine (substances in cigarettes which can cause the wearer to feel addicted). In one suction, these substances will be absorbed in your blood, and eventually circulated throughout the body through blood vessels, reaching your fetus.

Smoking during pregnancy, what is the impact?

The process which directly exposes the fetus as mentioned above gives some impact on the fetus if the mother smokes during pregnancy, including:

  • Reducing the oxygen content of the mother and fetus
  • Increase the baby's heart pressure
  • Increases the baby's risk of miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Increases the risk of premature babies and low birth weight babies. Some babies end up dying from this condition.
  • Increases the risk of the baby experiencing lung disorders
  • Increases the risk of the baby experiencing birth defects
  • Increases the risk of the baby even if he succeeds in being born healthy but experiences sudden death even before he reaches the age of 1 (sudden infant death syndrome)
  • Can trigger a disturbance in the placenta, the connecting channel between the mother and the baby. Disorders of the placenta can cause the baby's heart to not function normally, the difficulty of labor and disruption of the flow of both food and oxygen from the mother to the baby.

Being passive smoking does not necessarily reduce the impact that your fetus will feel, such as asthma, allergies and the risk of exposure to ear and lung infections.

Quit smoking while pregnant

You will certainly be asked to stop smoking especially if you are pregnant. Quitting smoking can help your heart and your fetus return to a normal beat and your fetus's potential to suffer from respiratory problems will decrease.

You also need to know that there are some symptoms that you will experience when you decide to stop, such as constantly feeling the need for cigarettes, feeling very hungry, increasing the frequency of coughing, headaches and difficulty concentrating.

But you don't need to worry, these symptoms will disappear after about 10 to 14 days. Instill in your mind the reason why you stop, can help you so you are not easily shaken. These symptoms will not be compared to the effects that you and your fetus will feel, if you decide to continue smoking.

Mother Smoking While Pregnant? This is the Impact
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