4 Ways to Stay Happy Despite Surrounding Negative People


Medical Video: How to be Positive in a Negative Environment | How to be Happy in a Negative Situation

Have you ever heard a famous quote, "Are we happy to create, not someone else,"? Indeed, you alone can control your emotions. However, not everyone is able to regulate emotional ups and downs. Sometimes, the influence of the environment and the people around will changemood You up to 180 degrees. Now, which has always been a question up to now, actually there is no way to live happily even if present in the midst of negative people?

How to live happily in negative situations though

Before blaming others because of mood instantly destroyed, it turns out your own brain is involved as one of the triggers. Yes, the brain is a body organ that is very sensitive to all things, from negative to positive smells.

The signal captured by the brain will be forwarded to nerve cells in the body to give a certain response. Whether it's angry, disappointed, sad, and happy. Therefore, the real key to living happily is controlling your emotions and response to negative things.

However, where do you start? Here are the steps!

1. Find out the triggers of negative emotions

the couple threatens to break up

All things that occur must have a cause, including why you feel surrounded by negative air from the people around. As a first step, recognize the root problem of the discomfort.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable because you hear a friend who talks about the ugliness of others in the back, made the months by couples who are ignited by emotion, or office friends who arbitrarily.

Trying to find out one by one, slowly but surely will help you to realize what factors create a negative aura around you.

2. Focus on things that can be controlled

Stay Comfortable and Healthy when stuck

There are many things you cannot control in this world, such as road conditions when you go to school, campus or office. Trying to control things beyond your control will make you unhappy. So, the key is to focus on things that you can control.

For example, bad traffic, which you can control is your own reaction. Realize that congestion is out of your control. All you can do is focus on looking for alternative roads or shortcuts or looking for busyness in a traffic jam like replyingchatore-mailso that time is not wasted. In addition to distracting you from negative emotions, you can also be more productive.

3. Generate positive suggestions

first date

When you think of negative things over and over, it might actually happen. This is because your own mind greatly influences your actions. In other words like this, for example you are enveloped in nervousness on the first date.

The reality? Sure enough, you are nervous half dead when you first meet up to the point where you often make embarrassing trivial mistakes. It is all the influence of suggestion. When you believe bad things will come, then without taking a long time the thought seems to be present in the real world. Similarly, when you focus on thinking about something positive.

In the psychological side, this condition is known as "perception is projection ". Or easy, what is in your perception can easily be realized in real life.

So as much as possible stay away from bad thoughts and create good thoughts even though you are trapped in an uncomfortable environment.

4. Fertilize yourself with good emotions

Happiness is difficult to achieve just like that without being accompanied by maximum effort. It's useless that you continue to curse yourself for being annoyed with the attitude of the people around you, but not trying to get rid of the feeling of "blocking" it.

Instead of continuing to put on a sullen face that would actually make itbad mood, it's better to calm yourself by doing other activities that can make you happy. Reading a favorite book, dancing while listening to music in a room, watching a movie, or doing yoga can be several choices of positive activities.

After completing all of these steps, try to feel the change in emotions within you. Have you felt better than before?

4 Ways to Stay Happy Despite Surrounding Negative People
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