7 Important Facts About PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


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PTSD orpost traumatic stress disorder is a mental health disorder that occurs after a person experiences severe trauma. This trauma is usually caused by events that threaten his safety such as natural disasters, frightening events, even a memory that you no longer want to remember.

A study informed that around 40 percent of the tsunami victims in Aceh were detected as having PTSD. In other words, many cases of PTSD that we may not even realize have actually happened around us.

Facts you need to know about PTSD

Does anyone who has experienced a traumatic event experience PTSD?

Not all who experience trauma will experience PTSD. Often times the symptoms that arise actually experience changes, over time. In some cases of accidents and natural disasters, after more than 12 months, the percentage of patients who have been diagnosed with PTSD actually decreases and changes in status to ordinary trauma.

Why did the trauma experienced by the patient not heal with time?

Indeed, a memory will never be truly forgotten. Every now and then something will easily trigger the old memory to ring again, even though you no longer remember it for a very long time. This also applies to memory which turns out to be a past trauma.

Can PTSD still be overcome if the trauma has happened for a long time?

There are many things that cause a person to delay handling the trauma, but the length of time that passes is not a barrier in overcoming the trauma. In some cases it is even easier to handle cases that have passed a long time compared to cases that have occurred less than a year ago. This is because, it is still too attached to the event that causes the trauma in the patient's mind.

Why are patients unable to handle the trauma themselves?

Getting help from other people does not necessarily mean that you fail to handle it yourself. In some cases, getting help from others requires extra effort. The existence of a culture such as a man should not express his feelings, will complicate the handling of trauma with the help of others.

Can you overcome trauma by forgetting events that caused trauma?

Based on evidence of events, indeed forgetting is one of the types of PTSD therapy, but not the only one. PTSD therapy can still be done by understanding what the body feels. In one case, a patient is only able to remember when he was locked in a dark room for a long time, without being able to remember the continuation of the story. But it turned out that his body could still feel the terror he had experienced at that time. By combining these two things, therapy can also be carried out.

Are PTSD sufferers dangerous?

In fact, being aggressive is not one of the symptoms of PTSD. Some symptoms of PTSD are like having a nightmare, difficulty concentrating, as much as possible preventing things related to the trauma, experiencing the sensation of the event happening again (Flash back), feeling guilty, having difficulty falling asleep, and so on. Several studies have revealed that only less than 8 percent of PTSD patients indicated anarchism.

PTSD can be overcome

Mental disorders such as PTSD may indeed not be cured completely, but that does not mean PTSD cannot be treated. Some studies have also succeeded in finding out how to handle PTSD patients.

The purpose of this treatment is to reduce emotional symptoms and physical symptoms that arise, and help patients overcome each time the trauma triggers arise, such as through the administration of antidepressants and occasional blood pressure medications for certain symptoms. Handling can also be done with psychotherapy.

Requires time to handle PTSD because the process is ongoing. But research is still ongoing to find a new and improved treatment. Although the treatment has also been able to reduce some symptoms, handling faster will prevent the increasing number of symptoms.

7 Important Facts About PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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