Health Hazards that Arise Due to Early Marriage


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The age limit for marriage in Indonesia as stipulated in Article 7 paragraph 1 of Law Number 1 Year 1974 states that the minimum age requirement is 19 years for men and 16 years for women. Unfortunately, there are still many people who conduct early marriages below the age set by the government. This early marriage is prohibited because it can harm both the mental and physical of both partners. What are the dangers of early marriage to health?

What causes someone to have an early marriage?

Early marriage, according to UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), is still carried out due to several factors. Factors that influence it include:

  1. Poverty
  2. Low education level
  3. The notion that marriage is a source of fortune to get money
  4. The assumption that marriage can maintain the good name and honor of the family
  5. Social norms
  6. Following customary and religious law
  7. The rules of marriage law are less strict

At the marriage of the two brides who are still teenagers, the most disadvantaged are actually women. Because, early marriage will sacrifice physical development or maybe also a woman's mentality. Being too young and stopping school can limit a woman's chances of a career. Early marriage also increases the risk of domestic violence.

Danger in terms of physical health


Pregnancy at a very young age can increase health risks for women and their babies. This is because the body is actually not ready for pregnancy and childbirth. You who are still very young are still experiencing growth and development, so if you are pregnant, your body's growth and development will be disrupted. Generally, there are four conditions of pregnancy that often arise due to early marriage, namely:

1. High blood pressure

Pregnancy at a very young age has a high risk of rising blood pressure. A person can suffer preeclampsia, which is characterized by high blood pressure, the presence of protein in urine, and other signs of damage to organs. Treatment must be done to control blood pressure and prevent complications, but simultaneously this can also interfere with the growth of the womb baby.

2. Anemia

Pregnancy in adolescence can also cause anemia during pregnancy. This anemia is caused by a lack of iron consumed by pregnant women. That is why, to prevent this, pregnant women are encouraged to routinely consume tablets of blood at least 90 tablets during pregnancy.

Anemia during pregnancy can increase the risk of premature babies and difficulties during childbirth. Very severe anemia during pregnancy can also have an impact on the development of the womb.

3. Babies born prematurely and LBW

Event premature babies born increases in pregnancy at a very young age. This premature baby generally has a low birth weight (LBW) because actually he is not ready to be born (at the age of less than 37 weeks of pregnancy). Premature babies are at risk of suffering from respiratory, digestive, visual, cognitive, and other problems.

4. Mother dies during childbirth

According to National Health Servicewomen under the age of 18 who are pregnant and giving birth are at risk of experiencing death during childbirth. Because, at this young age their bodies are immature and physically ready to give birth. In addition, their narrow pelvis because they are not fully developed can also be the cause of babies dying at birth.

There are many other health problems during pregnancy and childbirth in adolescence

Physically, the age of children or adolescents who give birth is at risk of experiencing death during childbirth and is very vulnerable to pregnancy-related injuries, such as obstetric fistulas.

Not only that, even teenage girls who are married often get social pressure. One of them is about having been pregnant or not. Not infrequently this is also used as a venue to prove fertility in the community.

In addition, if married to an older husband, this can make it difficult for women to express their desire for sex. Especially when you want to get satisfaction in having sex and planning to use KB.

As a result, women are more likely to experience an early pregnancy that can cause a variety of long-term health complications and in some cases even cause death.

Danger in terms of mental health

prevent dating violence

This case of early marriage generally often causes disruption of a woman's psychological or mental health. One threat is that young women are vulnerable to being victims of domestic violence (domestic violence) and they do not have the knowledge of how to be free from violence.

Domestic violence often occurs in early marriage because of the mental unpreparedness of the two married couples to face problems that arise. In addition to wives who experience violence, children in early marriage are also at risk of becoming victims of domestic violence.

It was found that children who witnessed cases of violence in their homes would grow up having difficulty learning and limited social skills. They also often show naughty behavior or risk suffering from depression, PTSDor severe anxiety disorder.

Worse yet, this impact will be most severe felt by children who are very young. Research from UNICEF  also shows that domestic violence is more common in homes with young children than teenagers or older children.

How do you prevent the danger of early marriage?

To prevent health hazards due to early marriage, education can be one of the things that play an important role. Education can broaden the horizons of children and adolescents and help convince them that marriage must be done at the right time and age. Getting married is not a compulsion and also is not a way to be free from poverty.

Education is also not merely for smart subjects. Education can add insight to children to be skilled in life, develop careers, and aspirations. The most important thing is that education can provide information about the body and reproductive system of yourself when you are about to get married.

Health Hazards that Arise Due to Early Marriage
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