The Impact of Being Someone Who Is Crazy in Your Conditions of Faith


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You might be familiar with the aphorisms that read "money can't buy you happiness"Aka happiness cannot be bought with money. However, it cannot be denied that the reality of money can guarantee you a comfortable and prosperous life. Money can even guarantee you get easy and fast access to the best health care facilities. So, don't be surprised to see many people who are willing to do anything to get a lot of money to become crazy in assets. This mindset is known as the termmoney-oriented alias "a little money“.

What makes someone have a mindset money-oriented (the ends are money)?

Money helps you get the things you want or need. The simplest example is food. You can buy any food you want if you have enough money, right? After that, you feel happy because you can eat well.

This is because the brain reads the act of "good eating" as an achievement that brings satisfaction to yourself. In response, the brain then reacts by increasing the production of the hormone dopamine, which makes you feel happy and happy.

Once the brain has received information about the food as a satisfying thing, the brain will continue to order you to meet your needs for food. Back again, you can eat if you have money. The drive to fulfill this need makes you have to turn your brain to be able to get money to eat again.

Mindset money oriented push you to work

On the one hand, principle money-oriented can encourage you to work harder to meet basic life needs. Even for people who are already very well off, the need for survival can still encourage them to make more money.

Well, mindset money-oriented can also be influenced by previous bad experiences. For example poverty or bankruptcy. Trauma of the past can encourage someone to be more motivated to work hard to get wealth so as not to live hard as before.

The more money you can earn, the more likely you are to succeed in life to continue earning money.

However, remember that everything that is excessive will turn your back on you.

People who money-oriented more individualistic and competitive

The principle of life and the mindset that you hold firmly in a bit can reflect your characteristics and personality. Having a mindset that has to produce money can create a desire in oneself not to depend on anyone and a desire that no one will depend on him.

This theory was also reinforced by a number of scientific studies. A study suggests that when people are money-oriented faced with difficult challenges, they tend to be more diligent in trying to solve their own problems before asking for help from other experts or authorities. One of the factors that might contribute to this individualist principle is fear of loss. Because, asking for expert help, for example, requires a lot of money.

In addition, this study also found that people were principled money-oriented tend to look for types of entertainment that are individualistic rather than those that have to involve many people. Again because of the edges of the money. As many people as you "hang out", the greater the expenditure.

money-oriented makes you crazy about assets

Money-oriented can make you crazy treasure

Mindset money-oriented very vulnerable to making your life a matter of money solely. Whatever you do or think about everyday you have to be able to make money to survive.

This is what often causes most people with an alias money mindsetmoney-oriented instead turning into treasure crazy and overwork to have lots of money. Over time, the demands of life will have a negative impact on your psychological and health. Forcing continuous overtime work can cause severe stress which leads to chronic insomnia to the risk of heart disease.

In fact, working overtime for more than 50 hours per week can stretch your relationship with family and close relatives. In the end, you become unhappy. This also creates a vicious circle that traps. When you are not happy with the possessions you have now, you tend to feel stressed and choose to work harder to get more.

A study shows that when you insist on trying to be happy, you are vulnerable to not feeling complacent and getting depressed because you are focused on continuing to force yourself to get money. Some people might want to justify various ways to achieve it. Bribing or being bribed, extorting, until acts of corruption are some bad cultures that are born of a mindset money-oriented deviant.

Happiness is simple

Too persistent in getting happiness can actually disrupt your mental state. Remember, the harder you try to be happy, the more you will feel dissatisfied and ultimately disappointment with what you have achieved.

Therefore, the best way to get rid of negative feelings as quickly as possible is not to force happy, but sincerely accept all the emotions and feelings that arise. Therefore stop for a moment to always be grateful for what you have now, instead of being blinded by worldly passions.

The Impact of Being Someone Who Is Crazy in Your Conditions of Faith
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