Tired of Broken Hearts? Protect Romance With These 5 Ways!


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No one wants to feel a broken heart. Besides being able to make you sad not playing, heartbreak can also have a negative impact on your physical and mental health if it's too protracted. For this reason, as the saying goes, it is better to prevent than cure. In establishing a relationship, there are various strategies that you can do so as not to break your heart.

Various tips so as not to break your heart

There are many things that can break your heart. Starting from the couple who were caught cheating to break up while being affection-unfortunately. For that, in order not to get heartbroken, you can apply the following methods.

1. Carefully choose a partner

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One way to prevent a deep heartbreak when making love is to look for a partner carefully, don't just get a boyfriend. Why so? By looking for a partner that matches the criteria, then you no longer need to expect the pair to change according to what you want. Because, changing one's character and principles is very difficult.

Therefore, instead of trying to change it, it is better to find a partner who is as you wish. This will really help you to live the relationship as expected. That way, your likelihood of heartbreak is reduced.

For example, you really want to have a partner who is ready to commit to marriage. Focus on finding a partner whose purpose is the same as yours. Don't waste time with people who aren't ready to commit while hoping for a long time he will change according to your expectations. This is what usually makes you hurt.

2. Honest and open to each other

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Honesty and openness are important keys in a healthy relationship. To avoid heartbreak, try to be open and honest about the desires of each of the relationships that are lived. Try to talk about what you expect from this relationship and whether the couple also has the same goal. Don't just guess what the couple's thoughts are.

If from the beginning the views and vision are different, then you and your partner can know what steps to take. This also helps minimize your chances of experiencing heartbreak later on because of expectations that don't match reality.

If from the beginning you and your partner have communicated openly and honestly about their wishes, then the foundation of the relationship will be strong enough. However, not only at the beginning, you need to continue to apply openness and honesty as long as this relationship continues. By continuing to communicate wishes and complaints with each other, the problems that arise can be resolved immediately so that you can avoid heartbreak.

3. Build trust in each other

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After you and your partner apply honest and open communication, the next step is to trust each other. You and your partner need to instill mutual trust so that the relationship goes well. If you already know the couple aims to be serious, then show your trust.

Do not get in the middle of the road. You continue to suspect that it is only because of a long reply chat. Though maybe the couple is busy working even to overtime to collect more coffers in his savings. If you continue to suspect it, it is not impossible for the couple to leave because they feel they are no longer trusted and valued. Finally, you can only regret and feel a deep heartbreak because of the loss of the person you really care about.

4. Sensitive to signs of problems

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Even though you really love your partner and believe fully, you still need to be sensitive. Do not let you close your eyes to the signs of problems that come. For example, when a partner begins to change by never telling you again, immediately find the right time to ask him directly. So you're not just guessing and harboring anger in your heart.

Remember, your goal is to get an explanation and improve the relationship, then ask a good way, not accuse him. By being aware of the signs of the problem at the beginning of its appearance, you can anticipate it so that it does not continue to accumulate especially to cause separation.

5. Learn to be more grateful

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There is no perfect love affair. Therefore, always try to be grateful for what you have and live now. Even though it looks pretty cliché but grateful to be able to make you feel enough for what you have now.

In addition, being grateful can also trigger you to continue to improve. Remember, not everyone has what you have right now, including a partner. So you should be grateful for it by maintaining relationships so that they stay good and always promote open communication with your partner.

Tired of Broken Hearts? Protect Romance With These 5 Ways!
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