7 Tips for Starting Sports So You Can Stop Smoking


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The danger of smoking is already known to many people, but for smokers to quit it's not easy. Maybe you have tried various ways but you have not succeeded. Research shows that it turns out that exercise can be a great way to stop smoking. Now, what kind of exercise do you have to stop smoking? Check out the review below.

How exercise helps you stop smoking

Dr. Alexis Bailey, senior neuropharmacology lecturer at St. University George in London, England, conducted a study whose results were published in the British Journal of Pharmacology.

Exercise helps your body adapt to new conditions. Smoking is a dependency, which makes your body need nicotine regularly to live your daily life.

Well, this study shows that exercise can reduce nicotine dependence on humans. This is because regular exercise can prevent various effects of quitting smoking (breaking up nicotine) which usually appears and destabilizes your intention to stop smoking.

In addition, exercise can have some positive effects on your body, namely:

  • Suppresses hunger. Although usually after exercise you will feel hungry to replace lost body energy, but research says that you will choose food wiser in such conditions.
  • Limit weight gain. Many people reason to smoke to reduce their weight, but with you exercising you will lose weight.
  • Reduce stress. Cigarettes can also be a form of your escape from the stress you experience. But exercise also provides benefits in reducing stress.

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Tips for starting sports to stop smoking

Follow the following tips to start sports easily.

  • Set aside a regular time for exercise, find a suitable time and make you comfortable.
  • Try at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day in a week.
  • Make exercise a priority, and paste it on your schedule. If you cannot set aside the recommended 30 minutes, you can exercise for 10 minutes every day.
  • Choose the sport you like. For example cycling, swimming, running, yoga, or others. Take it easy, almost all types of exercise will help you stop smoking.
  • Start slowly, then increase the intensity or time of the exercise.
  • You can take a sports class so that your exercise schedule is regular and regular.
  • Invite family, friends, or partners to exercise together so that you stay motivated and not get bored quickly.

If you are confused about where to start, you can try walking. Taking a walk at lunch or after dinner, can be the right choice for sports. Then, gradually increase the distance and speed of your road.

In addition, doing homework can be an easy exercise choice. You can mop, sweep the house or garden in the yard.

7 Tips for Starting Sports So You Can Stop Smoking
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