3 Definite Steps to Help Sex Addicted Couples


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Sex is a natural need for every human being. However, this can lead to disaster if it becomes addictive. People who are addicted to sex, often referred to as sex maniacs, have difficulty controlling sexual desires and actions, such as frequent masturbation, being addicted to sex, often watching pornographic films, to changing partners.

Not only that. Sex addiction can also lead to abuse, sexual harassment, even rape due to opium makes it do risky thingsregardless of the safety and comfort of her own sex partner.

Then, if your partner is a sex maniac, what can be done to help him recover?

Know the characteristics of sex maniac first

  1. Often asking for intense and continuous sexual intercourse.
  2. Reading or hobbies see pornographic images dan erotic.
  3. Like taking over during sex, and usually sex is done tends to be abnormal and always follows his fantasies.
  4. It's hard to find deep affection.
  5. Couples still like and often masturbating even though you've had sex with you.
  6. Your partner's behavior is aggressive, tends to be open and not shy in front of other women.
  7. Your partner will be angry when his sexual will is not followed or rejected.
  8. Your partner uses sex as a way to escape from the problem.
  9. In extreme cases, couples engage in criminal activity with sex, including stalking, raping, or even incest sex.

Then what can be done to help couples who are addicted to sex?

1. Speak honestly, but don't accuse him

If you suspect that he is a sex maniac, you need to speak honestly to him four eyes from heart to heart. Do not convey your law as memorable as accusing, let alone isolating or isolating it.

When talking to someone who has an addiction (whatever the opium), remember that an addict feels difficult and / or unable to stop the behavior, regardless of all the efforts made to stop it. He may also find it difficult to express or even not aware of their problems.

Say softly but firmly that their attitudes and views about sex begin to be too reasonable. Give one concrete example of his addiction, for example like to force you to have sex. Say that this can touch the criminal realm because it shows signs of rape in the household. Offer help and tell your partner that you want to help him out of this sexual problem.

2. Invite to consult a doctor or psychologist

If your partner affirms your help, invite and accompany him or her to consult a psychologist or sex therapist.

Calm your partner that by consulting does not mean he is sick or has a mental disorder. Say that consultation is a way to make your relationship and him better.

3. Take therapy

There are several treatment options for people who are addicted to sex, including CBT therapy.

The therapist can detect the root of the problem to help him manage emotions and view the root of the problem. Then therapy will help him find a way out, either by changing his habits, distance himself from the source of the problem, provide safe sex education, or learn techniques to control stress and negative emotions. The course of therapy may also be combined with prescription drugs.

Remember that in the end no one else can make a sex addict recover completely except himself. The desire to get out of a black hole must come round and round from within himself so that it can motivate him to seek treatment until healed. Forcing people who don't want to change will instead become a bitter boomerang for yourself.

3 Definite Steps to Help Sex Addicted Couples
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