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Often Feel Hungry After Having Sex? This is the reason


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Besides feeling sleepy, many also feel hungry after having sex. This condition actually happens. There are a number of basic reasons that can cause a person to feel hungry after sex or orgasm. What do you think, what makes you hungry after making love?

Causes the body feels hungry after sex

Having sex requires a lot of energy

When you have sex, you need a lot of energy and blood which is absolutely necessary when in bed. Look, when you have sex, energy is needed to improve your love performance. Well, this blood is needed for long-lasting male erections. Whereas women, need a lot of blood to flow to the clitoris to create orgasm when making love.

Another reason why the body feels hungry after having sex is a sex movement that uses almost all the muscles of the body. Actually, the body muscle that is used depends on the position and style of your sex. In addition, during sex, the body will burn many calories. Therefore, the body will respond to energy needs, sugar and fat needed to be energized again, while giving a signal of hunger in the brain.

Having sex is tantamount to burning calories and light exercise

Another reason why the body becomes hungry after having sex is because of the similarity between making love and exercising. Just imagine, when doing foreplay for 10 minutes, you have burned as many as 85 calories in the body. And if you have sex for 25 minutes, the calories burned in the body can reach 300 calories.

When compared to calories burned, sex if done is the same as doing intense exercise such as cycling or other light exercise. Studies in the United States also show that women who have sex regularly will consume more calories afterwards, compared to those who rarely make love.

How to deal with hunger after sex?

It's hard to deny, if indeed some people feel hungry after making love. This also needs to be wary of excessive consumption of calories and fat, because the long duration of the effect can damage the subsequent performance of sex in the couple.

You can also use other alternatives, such as low-fat milk which can be another option for starvation recovery drinks after having sex. Because, low-fat milk is also enriched with protein to help you stay strong for other next activities. Studies also show that consuming low-fat milk, especially chocolate flavor, helps improve the performance of subsequent body activities to be better than just drinking energy drink.

Often Feel Hungry After Having Sex? This is the reason
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