Really Having Sex Making Mother's Milk Reduced?


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After having children, having sex with your partner may be a number activity for you. Because, your energy is enough to be drained by cleaning the house while continuing to breastfeed your child. All you have in mind is how to keep your baby's milk needs fulfilled. Moreover, lovemaking activities are said to make milk production decrease. Is that true?

Breastmilk production is reduced due to sex, is that right?

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Having sex after having children may make you a dilemma. On the one hand, you want to take advantage of the moment together with your partner intimately, but on the other hand it also makes you scared. Fear of pain, awkwardness, to fear that this will affect your milk production.

What's more, having sex is often disrupted because breast milk often seeps leaking whenforeplayor orgasm. These things make you lazy to have sex because you are afraid of wasting your milk, so that the needs of breast milk for your little one will not be fulfilled. However, is that right?

The answer is not always. Actually, sexual stimulation is beneficial for the production of breast milk because it can stimulate the responselet-down reflex, namely the mother's reflex to remove breast milk in the breast. However, this does not mean breast milk that seeps out will reduce or even empty your breasts, you know.

Whether or not the production of breast milk is more influenced by the psychological condition of the mother, whether she feels stressed or not. Stress after having sex can be caused by many things. Either because of fatigue that I did not enjoy sex sessions, uncomfortable because of fear of children waking up, or embarrassed because breast milk leaked during sex.

Your nipples may feel more sensitive when breastfeeding, but when your husband touches your breasts, you may not be able to arouse sex. Instead of making the activity in the bed become hotter, this can actually make you uncomfortable or even stressful.

No matter how small the mother's emotional changes can interfere with reflexeslet-downASI. Although sex can help remove breast milk because of reflexeslet-down, but if you feel stressed at the end, this can actually inhibit milk production.

Maintain intimacy during breastfeeding

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So in short, having sex will not reduce the amount or quality of breast milk itself. The most important thing is to make yourself comfortable first before starting to make out with your partner.

If you are worried that milk will seep out during intercourse, you should immediately feed your baby or use an ASI pump before having sex. This method can help empty your breasts while meeting the needs of breast milk for your little one.

In addition, you can also put nursing pads in the bra to prevent breast milk from leaking. Although initially breastfeeding can still seep, but over time this can be dealt with easily and does not happen again.

Speak from heart to heart with your husband if you have a problem that is blocking. Make an agreement about which parts of the body can and should not be touched. What is important, make sure your sex this time runs satisfactorily and does not make you stressed.

Really Having Sex Making Mother's Milk Reduced?
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