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When Should You Have Sex Again After Miscarriage?


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For those of you who are expecting the presence of the baby, of course miscarriage is the most avoided thing. The reason is, the impact of a miscarriage is not just an emotional blow, but also there are some physical symptoms that help complicate the situation. Finally, raise questions in your mind. One of them is certainty about the time to have sex after a miscarriage. When is the ideal time?

Recognize when the body begins to be ready for sex after a miscarriage

stress due to miscarriage

During the healing process after a miscarriage, you are not only required to restore physical conditions such as abdominal pain, cramps, and bleeding, but also to restore the feeling of being depressed because you feel that you are failing to protect the prospective baby.

At this time, you are encouraged to give time lag at least two weeks before starting sex after a miscarriage. Because, the condition of your cervix is ​​still wide open as a process of removing fetal tissue residues.

This will make the uterus more susceptible to infection, because bacteria can easily enter your reproductive system, explained Zev Williams, M.D., Ph.D., as head of the department of endocrinology and reproduction at Columbia University Medical Center.

The process of cervical closure takes place in the next few weeks after a miscarriage. The doctor will continue to monitor the condition of the cervix and your reproductive organs through a physical examination. So, make sure you get a green light before you start having sex again after a miscarriage.

In addition to avoiding sexual intercourse for a while, you are also not allowed to use tampons or do it douching vagina for one to two weeks. In essence, you should not insert any object into the vagina while the body is in the process of healing after a miscarriage.

What should be done if you feel unsure about starting sex again?

If it's time to make love again with a partner, but still feel unable to do so, some of these tips can you do:

1. Restore your physical and mental

Miscarriage is one of the common complications that usually occurs in the early age of pregnancy. The response of every woman who has just had a miscarriage can vary. In fact, even if you feel physically ready does not mean you are also emotionally prepared to return to intimate intercourse after a miscarriage.

There are times, you may find it difficult to revive the intimate side with your partner when feelings of guilt still hit. It's natural if you choose to avoid having sex after a miscarriage. Especially when you are trying to get pregnant, or feel you have a strong emotional bond with the fetus in the womb.

Giving a temporary space to not have sex can be the right choice, while restoring your physical and mental condition.

2. Ask for support from the closest person

Don't want to disappoint your partner, but still find it difficult to have sex again? Try communicating this with your partner.

Try to be open to every condition and difficulty you are facing. That way, you can both find the best solution without losing the side of mutual intimacy.

There is no harm in asking for support from friends and family. If necessary, don't hesitate to see a therapist to consult your problem.

The therapist can usually help you overcome guilt and get worse after a miscarriage. Especially if you are planning a pregnancy for a certain period of time.

When Should You Have Sex Again After Miscarriage?
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