4 Main Characteristics That Show You Have Cylindrical Eyes


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When you have trouble seeing an object, maybe you will guess whether the condition you are experiencing is the eye minus, plus, or cylinder? Difficulties in seeing straight lines are often associated with cylinder eye disorders. So, what are the characteristics of other cylindrical eyes?

What are the characteristics of a cylindrical eye?

Cylinder (astigmatism) is an eye problem that occurs because the cornea or lens inside your eyeball cannot curl perfectly. You can experience cylindrical eyes with different levels in each eye.

That is, maybe only one eye has a cylinder while the other is not. Or both experience cylinders, but with different severity.

It is also possible that the cylinder can be experienced together with nearsightedness and farsightedness. The following are some of the characteristics of a cylindrical eye that you might experience:

1. Blurred vision

how to treat cylindrical eyes

Vision seems blurred is a common sign that shows damage to the eye. Normally, the lens inside the eyeball should be perfectly round. The goal, to even the spread of light that comes to the eye so that the object can be seen clearly.

But in the condition of the cylindrical eye, the curve in the eyepiece is not formed perfectly. This difference in the shape of the arch can change the incoming light or refract it in another direction.

Finally, light objects cannot fall right on the retina. This is what causes your vision to become blurry and unclear.

2. Eyes tired

keratoconus eye disease

Because the eyes have to work extra hard due to damage, the eyes become easily tired when viewing. Especially when the eyes have to focus for a long time on an object, such as reading a book, staring at an electronic screen, or viewing from a distance.

Come on, overcome tired eyes by doing eye exercises! His movements can be seen here.

3. Often squinting

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Often squinting when viewing from near or far? Yes, the difficulty of seeing an object, often makes you have to squint until the object looks quite clear.

4. Headaches

the cause of the headache next door

In some cases, severe cylinders will also have an impact on headaches. This condition usually results from tired eyes when trying to see objects clearly.

4 Main Characteristics That Show You Have Cylindrical Eyes
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