5 Healthy Ways to Take Care of Hair for Long Haired Men



Long-haired men who can take good care of their hair will have an extraordinary appearance. However, it must be admitted, caring for long hair will add a little "homework" to longish men.

Before you decide to lengthen your hair, you need to know how to treat it. David Alexander, male hair care expert explained in menshair.about.com, good care is very important to keep your long hair in the best condition.

"If you damage your car, generally it can still be repaired. If you hurt your hand, the wound will heal. But hair in general cannot be repaired. Hair is basically just protein without blood intake and there is no way to cure it when it is damaged, "said one of the famous barber in Hollywood.

David added, "The only way to repair damaged hair is to cut it. So it's very important to take good care of it. "

If long damaged hair has to be cut, then how do you treat it so it doesn't break?

1. Use the right equipment

David likens treating your long hair to caring for a car. If you do not use the right equipment to treat it, it will not produce changes for the better.

You must use the right and good equipment. You need a wide-toothed comb and a quality brush with natural fur. David explained, if you tie your hair, don't use a rubber bracelet because it can damage the hair. Instead you can use a cloth bracelet.

2. Wash regularly and in the right way

You might be able to wash your hair once a week when your hair is squashed. But after the hair starts to exceed the ear limit, wash it every day if your hair is classified as oily, or every other day if your hair is dry. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

Just before bathing, when your hair is still dry, comb your hair from root to tip and make sure your hair is not tangled. Then, just wet your hair with warm water and rub the shampoo to the root using your fingers.

After 2-3 minutes, wash your hair slowly until it's clean. Then comb slowly from the tip of the root to the tip of your hair before using a conditioner. Most conditioners require 2-3 minutes to stand still, but just follow the instructions on the packaging. Rinse and clean conditioner with cold water. If you use hot water to rinse shampoo and conditioner, this will remove oil that is beneficial for your scalp.

Benjamin Thigpen, stylist for several famous celebrities and a number of magazines, told Mens Healththe key to treating long hair healthy is to keep it hydrated.

"Hydration is the key, because long hair doesn't need a product," Thigpen said.

However, if your long hair tends to be dry, Thigpen recommends using a shampoo that also acts as a conditioner, which can hydrate dry scalp and repair damaged hair.

3. Don't rub your hair with a towel

David said, drying the hair by rubbing it using a towel is the biggest cause of damaged men's hair. In addition to making hair tangled, your hair is also more potentially branching.

"When using a towel, you should first remove the water in your hair by shaking it," advises David. "After that you can strok your hair slowly and not rub it instead. Don't use hair dryers too often (hairdryer), because it's also another common cause that can damage hair. "

4. Loosen the hair tie and hat

If you often use a hat or tie your hair, don't wear it too tight and let it loose. If it is too tight or the hair is pulled too tight, this can cause a condition called traction alopecia, namely hair loss due to damage to the hair roots.

5. Cut the ends regularly

If you use a conditioner, but your long hair is always split, Thigpin recommends that you trim it a few centimeters every one or two months. David also advises you to say to the barber or stylist You only trim on the split ends.


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5 Healthy Ways to Take Care of Hair for Long Haired Men
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