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Don't Do These 3 Things When Entertaining Couples Who Are Sad


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It is normal for every human to experience sadness and anger towards something that is not working properly.This can also happen to you and the people closest to you. If your partner is sad, what can you do to entertain and make him smile again?

Don't do this when your partner is sad

Some things that you might think can cheer him up when a couple is sad, but they canmaking the situation even worse. Preferably, don't do this to entertain him who is moping.

1. Asking for continuous problems

Ask what causes him to be sad or upset, or if he is fine, it's okay to just check the waves.

It's okay to ask "I see you're sad all the time from this morning. Want a story? "To just check the waves. However, don't immediately bombard him with unsatisfying questions - "What are you doing?" How come I don't want to tell? You don't trust me, huh? Who made you upset? "

The problem is, not everyone is ready or accustomed to expressing their feelings bluntly. This series of questions can only make it more emotional. If he refuses to confide, leave it first until his emotions subside and are ready to tell stories.

2. Underestimate the problem

Everyone has different reactions and ways to deal with a problem. For example, he felt sad because the project proposal was rejected by his office manager. Maybe for you this is just a trivial problem, there is still time and other opportunities to submit other proposals. Even so, he might look at it differently. He might consider this is the only golden opportunity to bolster his career.

Don't underestimate the problems your partner is experiencing. What he has is that he feels that you don't care about his feelings, and he feels even sadder.

3. Don't care

Some people choose to be alone while in trouble. If this is what your partner wants, you should respect his decision. Even so, it does not mean that you are right away really ignorant of his condition. This is an erroneous step that can lead to a more violent conflict. If you really keep your partner quiet, he can assume that you really don't care about him.

Then, what should be done?

The most important thing when a partner is sad, angry or upset is to show that you care and respect him. How to?

1. Hug and accompany temporarily

When couples are sad, angry, disappointed, and crying, the number one thing you can do is provide comfort. Can withhugging, stroking shoulders, wiping hair, wiping tears, or even letting your partner lean on your shoulders for a while.

A warm touch can relieve sadness and irritation. This can also indicate that you are there for him and you support him to get past all this, even without saying a word.

You can also provide your favorite snack or a cup of hot tea to help him relax more.

2. Convince him to be able to deal with problems and do not argue

At this time, it's important to convince your partner that everything in general will pass away and be fine. Avoid debates that seem to violate your partner. Don't try to fix the problem by acting alone without his consent.

Just agree to what he has done or say. Help a sad or angry partner try to understand him completely. In essence, whatever you do, do not even pretend to tell what he should do and what mistakes your partner has made. This will only cause fights or make the situation worse.

3. Let him cry

Sometimes people only need to cry when they are having problems. This is a release of emotional reactions that can have a positive impact on the mental.

Don't tell your partner to stop crying or even forbid him to cry (yes! Don't forbid men to cry if they really want to cry).Let him vent his emotions.

If your partner starts hysterically or cries to sobs, tell him to take a deep breath, sit in a comfortable place, while offering drinking water and hugs.

Don't Do These 3 Things When Entertaining Couples Who Are Sad
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