Can Direct Work After Leave Giving Birth?


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For those of you who have just given birth and plan to return to the office, there may be anxiety whether you are ready to work again. Because, despite taking maternity leave, some women still feel hesitant to return to work as usual. It could be because you are not ready physically and mentally. Then, actually when women can return to work after maternity leave? Here are the various considerations.

Can you work immediately after maternity leave?

In Indonesia, maternity mothers get the right of maternity leave for approximately twelve weeks. After that, you are expected to return to work as usual. Actually women can work immediately after maternity leave. Because, during your leave you have been given the opportunity to recover and adjust postpartum.

However, each woman's body and experience are different. In certain cases, you may need a longer recovery time than the maternity leave quota provided by the office. These cases include postpartum depression (after childbirth) or labor complications that are quite serious.

In addition, those who give birth by Caesarean section will require a longer recovery time than those who give birth normally through the vagina. Pain due to Caesarean section will last longer so that you can limit your activities. Ask your doctor for pain medication for your convenience.

On the other hand, those who give birth normally through the vagina can immediately walk a few hours after the baby is born. If you belong to this group, it is recommended that you immediately return to your normal activities. Of course still prioritizing the healing process that is running.

Therefore, you should check-up go to the doctor before returning to work after maternity leave. If the doctor has stated that it's safe for you to work again, you don't need to worry about going back to the office. But if you find that you still need time to recover, ask for a certificate from the doctor and tell the company as soon as possible.

Am I ready to work after maternity leave?

In general, a woman's body takes about six to eight weeks after giving birth to recover as before. However, call your doctor immediately if the following symptoms appear after giving birth. This is a sign that you are not ready to return to work after maternity leave.

  • Bleeding is more intense than during menstruation or heavy bleeding that does not stop.
  • High fever (above 38 degrees Celsius).
  • Unbearable abdominal pain until nausea and vomiting.
  • Headaches are unbearable. It may be accompanied by blurred vision, nausea and vomiting.
  • Difficulty breathing even after resting.
  • Chest pain. May be accompanied by coughing up blood.
  • Feeling sad, hopeless, and depressed for more than ten days.
  • Trying to commit suicide, hurting yourself or your baby.

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Preparations that need to be considered

If your body and mind have fully recovered from the labor process, prepare the following things before returning to the office.

1. Timely planning and planning

Make sure you have a plan about who will take care of the baby when you are in the office, what time you will go to work and go home, and whether there is enough time to do all these things. So you need to make a very specific daily schedule so you can see if your plan is realistic enough.

2. Backup plan

In fact, there must have been an unexpected change of plan. For example, your parents get sick so they can't take care of the baby while you work. Determine who should take leave, you or your partner? Or are there other people who can replace your parents?

3. Stock breast milk

A few weeks before you get back to work, prepare the stock of breast milk (ASI) first and don't forget to freeze it. You also have to train your baby to drink from a milk bottle long ago. You also have to check company policies and facilities, for example, is there a special room where you can pump breast milk in the office.

4. Exercise before the D-day

About two weeks before you enter the office, try your new routine first. Starting from waking up in the morning to sleeping time for you and your baby. Training with this new schedule can be an opportunity for you and your family to adjust.

Can Direct Work After Leave Giving Birth?
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